Katya McEwen


Katya McEwen is the Founder of My DivineDownloads TM and Oracle Cards Magic TM membership.

She is a disruptor who is passionate about life which means to her L.I.F.E. = Love; Impact with Integrity; Freedom of Expression; Evolvement.

She is a Certified Mindset Coach for high achievers who are addicted to the hustle. Her 1:1 clients are stuck in a loop of never-ending work, sacrificing their freedom, their families, and their sanity. She helps them change all of that while earning more.

She is a former banking leader with experience both in Canada and the USA.

She is also known as a Design Maven and obsessed with helping spiritual entrepreneurs and creatives to DESIGN, PRINT & SELL Oracle Cards Decks inside her membership Oracle Cards Magic TM.

She is a creative and intuitive spirit who uses art and Ai for healing and disrupting neurological pathways and teaches how staying in a creative flow and intentionally introducing more play and joy into your life helps with attracting soul-led clients and making more sales.

Ten years ago, Katya and her husband Jeff settled into small-town life in Kentucky.

Katya McEwen is a loving mother and wife, entrepreneur, mentor, and coach, intuitive, published author, and ever-evolving human Being. You can find her chasing her always-traveling daughter around the world or at her beautiful home enjoying the views of the golf course with her husband Jeff and four-legged fur baby, Minky.

You can learn more about Katya and services she offers at https://surrealartimages.com and learn about Oracle Cards Magic membership at www.oraclecardsmagic.com

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Katya McEwen Intuitive Mindset Coach

Nature's Echos


Step into a magical journey with "Nature's Echos: Boho Spirits of Meadows and Marshes" This deck is more than just cards; it's a door to a world full of magic. Imagine each card as a little window into beautiful, wild places, where nature's magic and secret messages are waiting just for you.

Holding these cards feels like walking into a dream. They're not just pretty; they're full of deep meanings and signs that touch your heart. You'll be surrounded by good thoughts and a connection to the natural elements, with each card sharing secrets of the earth, air, fire, and water.

These cards are like magic keys to parts of you that you haven't seen yet. They invite you to look deep inside and find hidden truths. It's a journey that heals and connects you deeply with nature.

These cards remind you that you're not alone. Mystical spirit animals are with you, sharing wisdom and teaching you along the way. These cards are a celebration of who you are, encouraging you to be yourself, fully and truly.

So, dive into this adventure. Let the cards open up the mysteries of dreams, positive thoughts, and the dance of life. Each card helps you grow and understand yourself better. This journey is a mix of feelings and discoveries, leading you to find your inner light.

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