Chakra Balance, Numerology, Cosmic Energy Forecast Deck

By: Joanne Angel Barry Colon

Genre: Oracle

This 44 card deck will help guide you to make the choices that work best for the moment. They provide a vehicle for readings and are a powerful modality to support the personal healing process.

Codes of Transition

By: Kateea

Genre: Oracle

An intuitive set of Oracle Cards offering assistance and guidance through ever-changing earth and life events. Each of the Codes of Transition is deeply assisted by the Angelic Realms, by Ascended Masters and our own Guides.

They offer support to us while working through the heart chakra, opening our awareness to remember who we are and where we have come from.

These are a multi-layered energy cards, offering activations, clearings and expansions from higher dimensional energies integrating these within our own body’s frequencies – by simply spending a moment in deep connection with the Card, allows an energy exchange.

Each Code also has its own guided Meditation assisting us to integrate the Angelic frequencies to lovingly support and nurture us as we open to the path of our enlightenment. Available at

Creative Core Oracle Deck

By: Creative Core Wellness LLC

Genre: Learning & Coaching

This 44 card oracle deck with bespoke watercolor illustrations helps you connect to your creative core while holding moments of uncertainty or doubt with radical self-compassion.

Creativity Tarot

By: Sarah & Leila

Genre: Oracle

The Creativity Tarot is a pack of cards inspired by Jungian archetypes, branding archetypes, modern life – and of course traditional tarot decks. We hit on the idea after noticing that a lot of people (including us) have been feeling pretty stuck during the long, uncertain pandemic period. It’s harder to make decisions, harder to motivate ourselves and harder to trust our instincts when everything we thought we knew has been turned upside down.

But our instincts and intuition are still an excellent, and under-valued, starting point for decision-making. However you choose to use them, these cards supply intriguing answers to open-ended questions.

And if that sounds a bit too ‘woo’ for you, each card has a specific, enjoyable, quick challenge written on it. So if deep readings aren’t for you, just draw a card from the deck and commit to the task. Our easy, uplifting challenges are designed to help you connect with that inner child and get up to some mischief. We promise that after building a blanket fort, making a funny meal or writing a furious argument against the existence of a popular season, you’ll feel a whole lot better than you did before.

Crystal Spirals

By: Erin Hollon

Genre: Mindfulness

The Crystal Spiral card deck gives you instant access to our most popular healing crystal combinations in our Lula May Design Signature Spiral Collection. Each card is paired with a channeled Affirmation, crystal properties for easy reference, and a Reiki infused video recording of Erin, guiding you through the Affirmation, to help you align your mind, body, and spirit with the energy of these healing crystal combinations.

These cards work wonderfully, paired with our jewelry, or on their own. You can intuitively pull a single card each morning, interacting with all sides for the deepest alignment with the healing crystal energy. You may also enjoy creating your own spreads, pulling a card before meditating, and any other ways your creative inspiration guides you. May these crystal spiral cards be a blessing for you on your beautiful life journey.

Divine Magic Oracle Cards

By: Anna Frolik

Genre: Oracle

The Divine Magic Oracle Cards were created with love by Anna Frolik, intuitive soul guide, author, mentor, and founder of Wonderland Publishing. The 45 cards in this deck were inspired by Anna’s special connection to the elemental realms. Featuring fairies, elves, and other magical beings, this deck is designed to help you rediscover your own divine magic—the special gifts that we all have within us, but that most of us learned to dismiss as “mere fantasy” as we grew up.

Working with these cards will help you reconnect with these gifts, allowing you to receive messages from your magical guides, access your innate healing and manifestation powers, and clear blockages that are stopping you from embracing your highest potential of love, joy, abundance and fulfillment in all areas of your life.


By: Alison Pothier

Genre: Oracle

This unique card collection is a multi-dimensional expression of inspired art, intention and poetic verse. Sharing poignant quotes from her dreams together with the author's beautifully channelled images, the DreamSpeaks deck encourages you to unleash, embrace and embody your true and authentic self.

The cards are best experienced through your own eyes and understanding. Explanations are kept intentionally succinct, inviting your personal perspective, introspection, interpretation and intuitive insight.

Earth Angels, Kids Oracle Cards

By: Shannon Summergreene

Genre: Kids & Parenting

How can Earth Angels Kids Oracle Cards help your child daily?

Start each day by choosing an Earth Angel card to implement positive, healthy and happy feelings.

These cards empower and will give your kids the understanding to manage their mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

As well as: -

*Growth Mindset *Spiritual Awareness *Confidence *Self-belief

*Positive thinking *Inner Peace *Healthy Habits

*Good Friendships *Self Love

I personally absolutely love oracle cards. They offer me guidance when I am struggling to listen, to make the right choice for me.

For a long time I have been looking for kids oracle cards that would not only provide guidance but educate kids on a spiritual level.

These magical cards will teach your child all the goodness of energy, angels, feelings, intuition, inner peace, and how to connect with their wisdom and guidance.

What's included

•44 beautifully illustrated cards with an affirmation.

•The guidebook offers insight on each card and a fun activity to offer further understanding.

Yes that is 44 activities to keep your child and friends happy, connected and immersed creatively, physically and spiritually.

Kids will love playing on their own or with friends, learning about angels, chakra's, spirit guides, animals, their intuition whilst nurturing a happy heart and calm mind.

Suitable for 5 years and up

Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle

By: Lisa Michaels

Genre: Oracle

This unique set of 90 elemental cards, leads you into a deeper living relationship with Earth, Water, Air, Fire, & Spirit. Each element becomes a powerful ally as you consciously engage, honor, and work with them. As you connect, you will expand your self-awareness and your creation capacity.

Receive elemental guidance by connecting to the wisdom of Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Spirit any time and any place with this insightful deck.

• Increase your inner knowing.

• Access your elemental allies.

• Activate your potential.

• Gain physical, emotional, mental, action, and spiritual clarity.

• Deepen your intuition.

Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit are active teachers of consciousness. You are engaging these primary forces of nature constantly. Earth brings wisdom of the physical world, Water the emotional realm, Air the mental realm, Fire in the action realm, and Spirit in your connection to your soul essence and the flow of the Divine through creation.

They can show you how to work in harmony with Nature and your inner nature. They can help you to align your unique desires into a unified field of awareness, where each of the elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Spirit) line up with one another to bring your desires into being. It is in this alignment that the co-creative energy of Spirit moves through your soul into form: an infusion of Spirit into matter.

Emotional Collidescope (EC), The Introspection Deck, is designed to bolster human connections. Generate insight through conversations. Speak with intention, listen to comprehend, and above all, learn more about yourself and the people you're sharing this moment with.

​Emotional Collidescope, The Introspection Deck is filled with a series of introspective questions: Level one; Conscious. Level two; Preconscious. and Level three; Subconscious. Each level is lead by a different artist's thought-provoking art pieces.

Emotional COllidescope is where art meets psychology, "klecksography".

This is the time to create a safe space.

get intimately acquainted with vulnerability, untapped mental space, and subconscious emotional energy.

Allow yourself to dive deeper into your library of memories.

Create nostalgia and share your story.

Epic Leadership Journeys: Transformational Travel Wisdom

By: Sylvia Warren, MBA

Genre: Oracle

This consciousness shifting card deck of 54 stunning travel photos transports you to far away lands.

Looking through the lens of diverse, unfamiliar and unknown places, cultures and people sparks your sense of wonder, curiosity and imagination.

Each travel image opens your eyes to different points of view and multi-faceted ways of experiencing clarity, resilience, and inspired action.

What you see, feel, think and sense ignites sudden unexpected insights, innovative ideas, and viable next steps.

This assists you in generating creative solutions, remedying critical situations, and resolving the unresolved.

The Transformational Travel Wisdom you glean from each photo illuminates an Essence of Epic Leadership — a compelling, effective and regenerative way to move with grace and ease into the liberating expansion of who you are as an Epic Leader.

Welcome to the Epic Leadership Journeys: Transformational Travel Wisdom experience.


“We can’t navigate epic change, its challenges, and the unknown territory ahead unless ‘our come from’ is Epic.” ~Sylvia Warren, MBA | Epic Leadership Coach


As Albert Einstein said: “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. We must learn to see the world.”

Essential Manifesting Oracle Deck

By: Trish McKinnely

Genre: Oracle

Whether you want to attract fulfilling relationships, align to money flow or create the body you desire - you know it’s time for YOU to manifest what you want! And now’s your chance!! This is your go-to manifesting guidance for making your dreams come true!

The Essential Manifesting cards deck reveal how to apply the Law of Attraction with cosmic events, astrological energies and moon cycles for manifesting what you want.

Apply these manifesting messages to manifest love, manifest money and manifest health any time of the year.