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Calls from your spirit animal

By: Patricia Grootjans

Genre: Oracle

This card deck contains 61 spirit animal cards with messages from your animal guide.

Calm, Clear, Connected

By: Susan Eckert, The Feminine Soul Whisperer™

Genre: Mindfulness

If you're ready to say NO to stress, burnout, and overwhelm, and say YES to your birthright -- calm clarity, connection to self & to your Divine inner knowing, then you'll enjoy this 55-card tool deck, which features my custom & inclusive artwork reflecting the diversity of feminine beauty.

Card Deck of the Sidhe

By: David Spangler

Genre: Oracle

In 2011, both David Spangler (author) and Jeremy Berg (artist) experienced independent but related contacts with a group of Sidhe. These Sidhe were interested in promoting closer contact and collaboration with humanity. Led by a Sidhe woman named Mariel, this contact resulted in the creation of the Card Deck of the Sidhe. This deck is a part of the ongoing exploration and collaboration with the Sidhe, as they seek to have a greater partnership with humanity in the twenty-first century. This beautifully illustrated Card Deck of the Sidhe is composed of both the original and extension decks comprising a 55 card full color deck. Included is a PDF downloadable manual outlining the storytelling, meditative, and oracular uses of the both the original 33 cards and the 22 card extension deck.

Cards Against Inhumanity

By: Ian McClerin

Genre: Oracle

An espresso tarot. Shuffle your way to solutions. 52 oblique and unique strategies to help you regain control of your humanity and the unknown. This AR enabled deck turns every card into another strategy when you shake it! Shuffle ad infinitum with a single card! Includes two "Jokers" with similar functionality.

When life deals you a bad hand, buy a new deck.

Cards are AR compatible with our Apple app available here:

Chakra Alignment Oracle

By: Lori A Andrus

Genre: Oracle

Attune to your voice of inner wisdom by attuning to the wisdom within your energy field.
Each card offers an affirmation and a soulful feminine expression of your energy body.
Listen within. Activate with your knowing.
Align your energy.

Chakra Balance, Numerology, Cosmic Energy Forecast Deck

By: Joanne Angel Barry Colon

Genre: Oracle

This 44 card deck will help guide you to make the choices that work best for the moment. They provide a vehicle for readings and are a powerful modality to support the personal healing process.

Chakra Oracle

By: Shari Malin-Sifuente’s

Genre: Oracle

This oracle deck of 28 original cards connects you with your intuition and your chakras through four suits: Affirmation, Alignment, Crystal/Stone, Flower/Scent.

Codes of Transition

By: Kateea

Genre: Oracle

An intuitive set of Oracle Cards offering assistance and guidance through ever-changing earth and life events. Each of the Codes of Transition is deeply assisted by the Angelic Realms, by Ascended Masters and our own Guides.
They offer support to us while working through the heart chakra, opening our awareness to remember who we are and where we have come from.
These are a multi-layered energy cards, offering activations, clearings and expansions from higher dimensional energies integrating these within our own body’s frequencies – by simply spending a moment in deep connection with the Card, allows an energy exchange.

Each Code also has its own guided Meditation assisting us to integrate the Angelic frequencies to lovingly support and nurture us as we open to the path of our enlightenment. Available at

Creative Core Oracle Deck

By: Creative Core Wellness LLC

Genre: Learning & Coaching

This 44 card oracle deck with bespoke watercolor illustrations helps you connect to your creativity while holding moments of uncertainty or doubt with radical self-compassion.

Creativity Tarot

By: Sarah & Leila

Genre: Brainstorming & Ideation

The Creativity Tarot is a pack of cards inspired by Jungian archetypes, branding archetypes, modern life – and of course traditional tarot decks. We hit on the idea after noticing that a lot of people (including us) have been feeling pretty stuck during the long, uncertain pandemic period. It’s harder to make decisions, harder to motivate ourselves and harder to trust our instincts when everything we thought we knew has been turned upside down.

But our instincts and intuition are still an excellent, and under-valued, starting point for decision-making. However you choose to use them, these cards supply intriguing answers to open-ended questions.

And if that sounds a bit too ‘woo’ for you, each card has a specific, enjoyable, quick challenge written on it. So if deep readings aren’t for you, just draw a card from the deck and commit to the task. Our easy, uplifting challenges are designed to help you connect with that inner child and get up to some mischief. We promise that after building a blanket fort, making a funny meal or writing a furious argument against the existence of a popular season, you’ll feel a whole lot better than you did before.

Crystal Cave Journey Oracle Deck

By: Shari Malin-Sifuentes

Genre: Oracle

This Oracle deck of 45 original cards is meant to help you align with the energy the Universe sees you need most in connection with the situation foremost in your life at this time. Pull 3-5 cards and review the keywords. Understand the energy connected to those keywords and use this guidebook to get more information on each card. Meditate on the image and feel the energies wash over you. Be open to receiving these energies in your life and you'll find yourself in closer alignment to what you want and need in your situation.

Crystal Guidance Oracle

By: Shari Malin-Sifuentes

Genre: Oracle

This oracle deck of 27 original cards connects you with your intuition and the energy of crystals.

Each card has information about the chakras connected to the crystal and a brief desciption of how that crystal's energy is affecting you at this time.