Uncover Your Past Lives Oracle


Note: Please do not contact this website looking for a pdf manual. If you purchased a physical deck without a manual, you've purchased a counterfeit. This is simply a mobile app and doesn't offer a digital manual for the cards.

This app is created from an 80 card oracle deck which both the fronts and the backs of the cards can be used to perform a reading.. With each card, there are 4 options. Therefore, to create the app, I had to change how it presented for the app to work. This meant dividing card options into their own cards, creating a digital deck of about 200 cards.

This deck contains every type of theme I could think of, including both positive and negative scenarios. It needed to include all types of negative past life experiences that could lie beneath a person's unconscious decision to suffer, punish themselves, or hold themselves back. The circular shape was chosen because it offers the ability to explore different aspects of a major theme.

The Artwork
The artwork is created using stock images and turning them into digital line drawings, which I colored using photoshop watercolor brushes and software.

Triggers and Political Correctness
Please be aware that some of the card themes can be triggering as they are based on both positive and negative aspects of history. I created the cards to be ethnically diverse and the guidebook doesn't shy away from sensitive topics. It was created for healing, so it needed to be inclusive of a diversity of sensitive subjects and scenarios. It was created as a tool to replace muscle testing and pendulum charts so that it could be used with healing modalities like Emotional Freedom Technique.


Mandy Peterson

This is a digital version of the deck. To access after purchase install the Deckible app for IOS or Android.

Open 'Uncover Your Past Lives Oracle' in the Deckible App