The Akashic Alchemystic Tarot Deck


Are you struggling and looking for assistance on the path? Are you desiring to know more about who you are and your soul's calling? Have you ever fancied your own Akashic Records Tarot Deck to assist you with accessing your Akasha and/or the Akasha of others to tap into things like your Soul Path and Purpose, tools to heal your life and what the Universe has to share with you that is in your Soul Records?

Well now it is HERE! Welcome home to your Soul through The Akashich Alchemystic Tarot!

Invite your Soul to a cup of tea as you connect to your Akasha utilising the tools of this deck and guidebook! The Akashic Alchemystic Tarot Deck is an Oracle deck by definition, yet also within it some aspects of traditional tarot which when it applies are reflected within the deck. This deck is designed as a way for you to be able to access your Akasha (Akashic Records/Soul Records) and the Akasha of others through readings/sessions.

Each card chosen gives you the opportunity to be guided by your Soul and its Path through the Akasha as it reveals its essence to you. The Akashic Alchemystic Tarot Deck and Guidebook is designed for all~ from beginner to advanced. For those whom are either new to oracle or tarot decks and/or the Akasha, this deck and book will be a guide of getting yer feet wet into diving into the aspects of such. Equally, for those whom are more advanced in Oracle/Tarot and/or have been on my course The Akashic Records (Soul Mediumship) Course, fancy to be on the course, and/or have the wisdom of such already through other means, this deck and guidebook will be a complimentary way to be able to access your Akasha and the Akasha of others.

Each card, whether visible or invisible, is embedded with multi~dimensional vibrational frequency energies, Light Codes, Light Rays, and Light Language that will be what your Soul requires each moment you receive a card. The wisdom given within the guidebook goes hand in hand with the deck to assist you to know what each card means and to dive deeper in expanding the wisdom of your Soul and its records. So come dive deep into the Sea of The Akashic Alchemystic Tarot Deck and Guidebook, moving through the vortex portal of the infinite Soul records that is the Akasha to see what the wisdom holds to touch, move, and inspire your life into thriving aliveness!


Oracle, Tarot

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