Mirrors of the Soul


These Oracle Cards were Divinely channeled to discover the beauty within your soul.

The beauty of color and romanticism will evoke what is currently hidden from you.

Your chosen card will tell you what your soul is trying to remind you of. Trust your intuition to reveal your truth.

They can be used for your own inquiries of self, and also given to people where words don't express your feelings.

These images were created by me using my own paintings, photography, and digital renderings.

I was inspired by the Pre-Rafaelitepaintings of women and collaged them with my art, to create the images. Love of beauty was their creed and they created and celebrated beauty for its own sake. They advocated the close study of nature and true spirit! They painted to show emotion, inviting us to explore the art of the senses; responding without thinking; evoking intuition and feelings.

There are no instructions, just meanings that they inspired for me. Your own message lies within your soul.


Janet Joslin

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