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Can't Sleep

By: Lee Bougie

Genre: Health + Fitness

Discover the Fundamentals
for a Good Night's Sleep
In this deck, Lee Bougie shares the fundamentals for
getting a good night's sleep, including:

The Science of Sleep
Starting the Day Right
Preparing for Bed
Food & Nutrition
Vitamins & Minerals

When you implement the suggestions in this deck, you can stop tossing and turning, counting sheep,
and laying awake in frustration.

It's time to sleep well!

Everyday Muscle Testing

By: Lana Nelson

Genre: Health + Fitness

This 52 card deck will make Muscle Testing easy and fun. You'll be tapping into your "inner knowing" in just a few days of playing with this card deck.

Muscle testing is the technique you will use to access your subconscious mind. It's like your own personal truth detector!

GoCards - Exercise Playing Cards (Deck)

By: Colton Schock

Genre: Health + Fitness

Welcome to GoCards! - Exercise Playing Cards

GoCards are no ordinary playing cards. They contain a variety of interactive exercise images to stimulate movement, variety, and collaboration.

They are a great tool for parents, teachers, trainers, and individuals on the go looking to explore new movements and create a fun workout.

No equipment is required.

Here is how they work:

Each suit is broken up into its own category:

Spades - Legs
Diamonds - Core
Hearts - Push/Pull
Clubs - Agility

Each card represents a unique exercise related to its suit.

A player will select at least one card from each of the above suits. This will create a group of exercises to target your entire body. With this group of exercises, the player will proceed to perform each exercise for a chosen number of reps and sets.

Draw additional cards to create a new group of exercises and extend the length of your workout!

Launch Deck

By: Roger Overall & Nick Kellet

Genre: Therapy

An ideation deck for deck lovers. 42 ideas to launch your Deckible experience.

If you are a creator or a deck lover, this deck is an inspiration.

Pilates on Deck

By: Regina Santos

Genre: Health + Fitness

Pilates on Deck features 45 exercises that can be done anywhere there is mat space! Get strong and flexible by practicing 20 minutes at a time, three times a week. Start from the beginning of the deck and build your way to the end. Also features motivational cards to help you move forward!

The illustrations are made from my heart and hands. I created this deck from the inspiration I received observing my clients progress and get stronger. With a consistent practice, your body will transform and your mind and soul will be happier!

"Everyone is the architect of their own happiness" - Joseph H. Pilates

Radical Self-Care When You Are Ill

By: Debra Burdick

Genre: Mindfulness

A radical approach to successfully dealing with physical or emotional illness. 52 skills and affirmations designed to help you restore all aspects of your well-being including physical, emotional and mind-body-spirit.

This deck is divided into four parts. It is color coded as follows.
Blue Cards – Emotional Health
Green Cards– Physical Self-Care
Teal Cards – Mind-Body-Spirit
Sand Cards – Affirmations for Healing

These cards help you examine your beliefs, make changes in your thought patterns, tame your emotions, and adopt new behaviors to take the best care of yourself so your well-being can be restored.

It includes wide ranging skills from the fields of Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, Mind-Body Medicine and Spirituality as well as Affirmations for Healing to help restore well-being. It also includes skills commonly used by those who experience radical remission of cancer.

Skills are included to help you get an accurate diagnosis, create a healing team, strengthen self-advocacy, and improve self-care and social support to foster healing.

Use the Mindfulness skills to engage the healing power of the mind-body connection.

Use the Mind-Body-Spirit skills to tap into your inner wisdom and the power of your spiritual beliefs and divine love and to enlist the aid of a higher power for healing.

The skills presented in the card deck are not intended to substitute for the advice of your medical doctor or mental health professional.

Cover Design by Esther Sanchez
Copyright 2022 Debra Burdick

The Weigh Forward (Deck)

By: Jules Williams

Genre: Health + Fitness

The Weigh Forward Card Deck is a unique tool to help reveal the deep-rooted subconscious patterning around weight, shape and body image. It can also be used as a companion to 'The Weigh Forward' book.

For anyone who has had weight and body challenges, this 44-card deck opens doors to an entirely new way to approach weight loss and body positivity.

An intuitive working with clients for over thirty years, Jules Williams, shares his wisdom and understanding in this transformational deck.