Regina Santos


What we say, think and do impact how we live and what is possible in our lives. As a teacher and coach, I share the powerful tools of Pilates, meditation, and mindset shifts that have helped me live out amazing possibilities in my own life.

Pilates helps me feel strong, vibrant and energetic. While I follow many elite classical instructors, my perspective of Pilates is influenced by my work with traditional teachers of Contrology at Westwood Pilates, Vintage Pilates, and first generation master teacher and student of Joseph Pilates, Jay Grimes.

I graduated with a B.A. from UCLA and am also certified by Pilates Technique, Inc., the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the Co-Active Training Institute, and Chopra. I have taught thousands of classical mat Pilates classes since 2005 including those at Equinox Fitness Clubs and Spas. Music and dance are my first languages. I find heaven in dogs, plants and trees. My spiritual practice is based in yoga, and I connect with my ancestry through martial arts.

Regina Santos teacher, coach, Pilates, meditation, mindset shifts