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Emotions don't take place in a thought bubble over our heads. They're electrochemical messengers that race throughout our bodies and move us to action. When we know how we FEEL, it's easier to figure out what to DO. Yet many of us struggle to put our feelings into words and have trouble benefitting from the information they provide.

This deck can help by bringing common emotions vividly to life on separate, beautifully illustrated cards. It s a tried-and-true toolbox that helps you answer the fundamental question, How do I feel?

Your inner wisdom speaks in the language of emotion. Being able to put your feelings into words helps you find your way home to who you truly are.

PATH: A Strategic Transformation Game

By: Karen Joy Fritz

Genre: Business


Chart your heroic journey for the next adventure and welcome your ally for the trip. Make choices with playful ease. Enjoy reviewing your progress. With so many modes to choose from, PATH guides you in building new ways of thinking and expanding your attention.

Mountains, Forests, and Rivers become metaphor for your Strategy, Systems, and Self evolution. When you play at the intersection of systems thinking and intuition, you master flexibility across multiple scales and perspectives.

PATH moves beyond zero-sum board games. Your win needn't imply another's loss. In fact, quite the opposite! As you evolve, the game expands - for you, for your relationships, for your world.

Pick-a-Postcard: Metaphors for Life Reflection Deck

By: Jennifer Stanchfield

Genre: Purpose & Priority

Transcend the traditional sharing circle and reflection conversation with the power of metaphoric imagery. People often find it easier to express themselves through a picture or symbol rather than through verbal means. Because participants can talk about the object or image rather than about themselves directly, they express thoughts that would otherwise be left unsaid. The thoughts, ideas and connections inspired by the imagery lead to broader and deeper reflection sessions because metaphors and symbols stimulate multiple areas of the brain and involve all senses. This approach can be especially helpful for more introverted or reluctant group members.

This tool is useful for both individual and collaborative reflection and is used in restorative circles and appreciations, group norms conversations, and goal setting.

• Facilitate strong beginnings and optimistic endings to group work or coaching sessions.
• Inspire meaningful engagement, reflection and dialogue that goes beyond traditional verbal techniques.
• Spark creative writing, exploration of personal or group strengths or goals.


By: Matt Ballantine

Genre: Learning & Coaching

PlayCards distil six years of research into the skills and capabilities organisations need to be able to innovate into a simple tool that helps individuals, small groups and teams.

In his work, Matt Ballantine has spoken with people in traditional businesses, the arts, government, consulting and more to create a straightforward model that helps people to understand what they need to be able to do to do things differently.

PlayCards enable you to play with those concepts, and take clear actions to build up the attributes you and your organisation need to innovate in our ever-changing world.

They are a 52-card deck that can be used solo, with groups or by facilitators to help people to explore their Play Skills. Designed by Matt Ballantine after many years of research, the cards have been beautifully illustrated by Ellie Dallison from Studio KT1.

Playing with Strengths

By: Cat Hase

Genre: Purpose & Priority

When was the last time you explored your strengths?

I don’t just mean thinking about what you are good at, but really and truly explored them?
… explored them with curiosity and wonder.
… explored the with new eyes.
… explored them as a way to truly see yourself and your path.

The Playing with Strengths card deck allows you to do all of that.

You can use them alone or use them in groups.

You can use them for yourself or use them to coach others.

Playing with Strengths helps guide meaningful exploration, discussion and understanding around your unique strengths and how you use them.

Question Cards

By: Mathias Jakobsen

Genre: Learning & Coaching

The Question Cards have a set of self-reflection prompts that you can use for journaling or in conversation

40 quote cards with a brief biography of each quote’s author. It includes quotes about teaching, leadership, and learning, plus suggestions for use.

The Quotables are an engaging tool for individual reflection, team building, education, training, coaching, counseling, and personal enrichment programs. Quotables stimulate personal reflection, initiate conversation, spark creative thought, help group members build connections, find common ground, or understand different perspectives.

Use Quotables to facilitate strong beginnings or optimistic endings, create a context for upcoming learning experiences, or celebrate, reflect, and carry learning forward at the end of experiences.

Social Balance Planning Card Deck

By: Yamilette "Dr. Yam" Williams

Genre: Business

Your social media solved!
The Social Balance Planning Card Deck was created to help you strategically plan your content to improve your social presence and grow your target audience relationship. Using 6 proven categories your week, month, and year of the right content to educate and engage is a no-brainer.

One deck of 50 cards
⭐ Six unique suites
⭐ 48 strategies
⭐ A million possibilities to plan your social media content and have fun doing it!

Startup Priorities

By: Matt Ballantine

Genre: Business

The Blog Post Inspiration Deck

By: Renae Gregoire

Genre: Business

Staying connected to your audience requires a steady stream of content—blog posts, videos, social posts. The Blog Post Inspiration Deck's three categories of 20 cards each—20 TYPE cards, 20 TOPIC cards, and 20 VIBE cards—will feed your creativity and spark your inspiration with 20 x 20 x 20 (or 8,000!) unique content ideas, enough to create a new piece of content each day for the next 22 years! Get started right away with an integrated guidebook, which provides detailed descriptions of each TYPE, TOPIC, and VIBE, plus examples of how to use each one to dream up content ideas your audience will love.

The Empathy Edge

By: Maria Ross

Genre: Business

Furious customers? Missed deadlines? Failed products? The problems your business faces may stem from a single issue: lack of empathy.

Being empathetic at work means seeing the situation from another’s perspective, and using that vantage point to shape your leadership style, workplace culture, and branding strategy. Pairing her knowledge as a branding expert with proven research and fascinating stories from executives, change-makers and community leaders, Maria Ross reveals exactly how empathy makes brands and organizations stronger and more successful.

Ross shows why your business needs to cultivate more empathy now, and shares the habits and traits of empathetic leaders who foster more productivity and loyalty. She gives practical tips, big and small, for how to align your mission and values and hire the right people, cultivating a more empathetic—and innovative—workplace culture. Finally, she gives you the goods on building your empathetic brand in an authentic and proactive way, and shows how doing so results in happier customers, innovative work cultures and increased profits.

In this card deck version of the acclaimed playbook for businesses of all types, Maria Ross proves that empathy is not just good for society—it’s great for business, and may transform you at a personal level, too.

The Meeting Spicer (EN)


Genre: Social Games

What if 30 seconds at the beginning of the meeting and 30 seconds at the end were enough to make them more efficient?