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Arcana Illustria

By: Remo Dentato

Genre: Tarot

A tarot deck featuring new illustrations for the 22 major arcana.
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Please note that Aces are not included in the official deck.

Aunt Lily's Tarot Deck

By: Claire Lily

Genre: Tarot

Aunt Lily's Tarot Deck
Following the Rider-Waite Smith format, the images were carefully designed to reflect today’s society, including disabilities and global issues.

Day of the Dead Yes or No Tarot for Romance Questions

By: Shari Malin-Sifuentes

Genre: Tarot

This tarot deck of 62 original cards will help you get yes, no, and maybe answers to questions about your romantic life and relationships. The major arcana and the numbered minor arcana cards are included. The court cards for each suit are NOT included in this deck.

De Laurence's "yellow” tarot deck - The Pictorial Key to the Tarot

By: Lauron William de Laurence

Genre: Tarot

Lauron William de Laurence was an American author and publisher on occult and spiritual topics.
Although he is reviled for his plagiarism of A.E. Waite's 1910 book The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, and the S.L. MacGregor Mathers version of the Key of Solomon, he also wrote his own works, including The Master Key a personal development book.
Despite being a blatant copy of Pam’s art, it is an important note (questionable ethics aside) that this was the deck that introduced Americans to the tarot. Due to the Great War (WWI) the early Rider decks never made it to the states in large numbers.

Eros Tarot

By: Chain Assembly

Genre: Erotic & Sensuality 18+

This deck was made with the help of the Kickstarter community.

Grand Etteilla, Tarot Egyptien "Etteilla I"

By: Jean-Baptiste Alliette

Genre: Tarot

"Etteilla", the pseudonym of Jean Baptiste Alliette (Etteilla is Alliette backwards). Jean-Baptiste Alliette (1738 - 1791), was the French occultist who popularised divination by tarot and was the first professional tarotist in recorded history. Etteilla was the first to issue a revised tarot deck specifically designed for occult purposes (1791).

Healing Keys Tarot

By: Stephanie Mason

Genre: Tarot

This deck has everything you need to form a powerful connection with your tarot.

This 78 tarot deck is rich with meaning and archetypes like The Magician, The Empress, and The Chariot that reflect our experience and are mirrors of how we interact with the world. As above so below. As within so without.
This deck also contains astrology, numerology, and human design centers. The keys are full of healing energy to help unlock and heal what is ready to be healed along your journey.

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Launch Deck

By: Roger Overall & Nick Kellet

Genre: Oracle

An ideation deck for deck lovers. 42 ideas to launch your Deckible experience.

If you are a creator or a deck lover, this deck is an inspiration.

Le Petit Lenormand

By: Lock & Wood

Genre: Tarot

Modeled after the deck named for Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand (1772–1843) - renowned French cartomancer. This deck contains the original 36 cards and an additional card to represent genderqueer querents or subjects.

Magic Lenormand Cards

By: Evina Schmidova, Roman Wimmer

Genre: Tarot

Magic Lenormand Cards have been created to mark the 220th anniversary of the first edition of Petite Lenormand, published in 1799 by the German publisher Johann Kaspar Hechtel, who co-opted the name of the famous French fortuneteller of the Napoleonic era Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand for his “Game of Hope”. Instruction sheet of Philippe Lenormand (was allegedly a nephew) how to read the Lenormand cards published on October 19, 1903, in the magazine "The Evening World’s Home Magazine (New York City)" was supplemented by illustration from our deck.