Adapt Tarot Deck

The concept for Adapt Tarot is rooted in a love for the traditional Rider-Waite deck and the urge to make it more inclusive, contemporary, and applicable to people reading tarot today. It was also made from a place of resourcefulness, to create artwork using materials that otherwise would have been thrown away. Delilah spent her time rummaging through thrift stores, bins, and other forgotten or abandoned places to find the images that have come together to make this collection. This 78-card collection contains 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards. They are all numbered, and all the minor cards fall into one of the four suits: cups, wands, swords, or pentacles; each suit is associated with one of the four elements; water, fire, air, or earth. The origin of the tarot is unknown, which is what makes it so magical and inclusive. There are many origin stories but no concrete answer. What keeps our minds questioning can lead us into many interesting places. You are the interpreter of your own synchronicities. Use this deck to tap into your intuition and follow the symbols that have meaning to you.




Delilah Miske

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