Arthurian Magic Tarot


Dive into the mystical realms of Arthurian lore where mortals and faeries collaborate to uplift the world. This Arthurian Magic Tarot deck is a must-have for both seasoned tarot readers and Arthurian enthusiasts.The richly-illustrated cards are designed to be both beautiful and easy to interpret, while remaining true to the time-honored meanings of each tarot card — for expert tarot readers and beginners alike. Hold the tales of Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, Lancelot, and the mystical faeries of Avalon in your hands, and let the wisdom of ages guide your path.

The promise of Camelot is a pact between humans and faeries. The four suits are based on the Four Sacred Hallows of the faery realm: the Sword of Truth, Spear of Victory, Cauldron of Plenty and Stone of Destiny. All of these Hallows appear in Arthurian lore as gifts from the faeries who initiate the humans into the mysteries of faery magic.

Whether you're seeking guidance, connection, or simply a touch of magic, this deck offers a transformative journey into a world where mortal wishes dance with faery spells — your portal to an experience as enchanting as the legends themselves.


Bernadette Wulf

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