Modern Oracle Tarot - Intuition Universe


This tarot deck is perfect for anyone who is looking to deepen their spiritual practice, tap into their intuition, or explore the mysteries of the universe. Use it for daily guidance, personal reflection, or as a tool for divination and insight

• Beautifully designed tarot deck with modern images and colorful designs, based on traditional Rider-Waite symbology
• Diverse reworking of the Rider-Waite tarot images with inclusion, gender affirmation, and diversity in mind
• 78 full-color cards
• Includes a full-color, 24-page booklet that helps understand tarot and the meanings of the cards

Welcome to the Modern Oracle Tarot Deck, a one-of-a-kind tarot deck designed for seekers, explorers, and lovers of all things mystical. Each card features original artwork and symbolism, crafted with intention and infused with magic, based on the traditional Rider-Waite symbology, so traditional tarot readers will easily acclimate to this deck.
With a diverse reworking of the Rider-Waite tarot images in mind, the Modern Oracle Tarot deck features inclusion, gender affirmation, and diversity. The characters in the cards appear from all walks of life, taken from the traditional tarot-inspired imagery. A strong sense of realism and movement in the tarot art illustrates the fullness of human life and emotion within the scenes of each card, making this tarot deck a more readable and fresh experience of traditional symbolism.

Created to be intuitive, the images lend themselves to "being clear on the face" so even a novice or beginner can pick up the deck and begin reading tarot straight away.

With its unique blend of symbolism, color, and energy, Modern Oracle Tarot is sure to become a beloved addition to your tarot collection. So why wait? Order your copy today and start your journey of discovery and growth!




Desiree M Palmer

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