Steve Hounsome


Steve has been involved in this field for over thirty-five years and has completed a wide variety of studies and activities in this time.

Steve holds qualifications in the following subjects -

* Progressive Healing

* Psychic Studies

* Esoteric Soul Healing

* Tarot

* Bach Flower Remedies

* Counselling Skills

The additional training Steve has completed is as follows -

* One year Progressive Healing, Sanctuary of Progress

* One year Psychic Studies, Sanctuary of Progress

* Meditation - 2 years, private tutor

* Natural Magic, 1 year, Marian Green

* Ritual Magic, 1 year, The London Group

* Esoteric Soul Healing, 2 years, Isle of Avalon Foundation

* Bach Flower Remedies - Foundation Level Certificate

* Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids - 12 years, now initiated Druid member and Mentor Co-ordinator

* Hypnotherapy Past Life Regression Diploma

Steve has also attended lectures and workshops over the years, too numerous to mention and continues to add to his knowledge and experience by attending events as they occur and maintaining his own regular sacred practices in Meditation, Yoga and Chi Kung.

Steve has had articles published in many magazines, on a variety of the subjects he works in. These include Positive Health and Pagan Dawn, as well as many of the smaller titles produced in the spiritual, pagan and holistic communities.

Steve has appeared on TV, twice alongside Derek Acorah on Granada TV's show 'Psychic Livetime' and acted as examiner on the Living TV series 'Jane Goldman Investigates', overseeing the work of Michelle Knight who taught the Tarot to Jane.

Steve acted as advisor and consultant for the New World 'Music of the Tarot' CD, for which he also wrote the accompanying booklet.

Steve has had nine books published -

* Taming the Wolf: Full Moon Meditation

* Practical Meditation

* Practical Spirituality

* Tarot Therapy Vol. 1: Tarot for the New Millenium

* Tarot Therapy Vol 2: Major Arcana, The Seekers Quest

* Tarot Therapy Vol. 3: Minor Arcana, The Map of the Quest

* How To Be A Telephone Psychic

* The Tarot Therapy Deck

* The Gamble-Hounsome Tarot

Steve has also produced his own unique card sets -

* Tarot Therapy Cards

* Chakra Affirmation Cards

* Tarot Therapy Affirmation Cards

* The Gamble-Hounsome Tarot – The Tarot of Gnosis (with artist Patrick Gamble)

Steve has also produced a range of 15 highly-acclaimed Meditation and Development CD's, which you can see full details of in the Shop on this website.

Steve has taught in person across the South of England and by distance learning internationally. Apart from his own private events, Steve has taught at Adult Education Centres in Hampshire and was tutor of the 2-year Tarot course at the prestigious 'Isle of Avalon Foundation' in Glastonbury, Somerset. Steve has tested and trained psychic readers for some of the leading telephone psychic companies in the UK, working across the world.

Steve was a Founder Member and Secretary of the Professional Tarot Society and was also Secretary of the British Psychic Registration Board, although both these organisations are no longer in existence. Steve is now a member of the following organisations -

* Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (Steve acts as mentor for those following their training programme)

* Spiritual Workers Association

* Tarot Association of the British Isles

* British Astrologers and Psychics Society

* Tarot Professionals

Though a member of these Groups, Steve's approach to spirituality is an eclectic one, as he feels that every path has something to offer. He reads widely on spiritual subjects and incorporates what he learns into his teaching, in its various forms. Steve feels that a sense of the sacred for each individual is vital to the maintenance of health and well-being and for the fulfilment of our potential, development and life purpose.

More personally, Steve has a deep love of many forms of music, runs, plays tennis and cycles. He enjoys visiting sacred and natural sites, runs, attends his local gym regularly as well as watching football, remaining loyal to his origins by supporting his home-town team, Brighton & Hove Albion.


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The Tarot Therapy Deck


This deck has been created to express the underlying energy of each Tarot card, allowing the individual to relate to them in their own way. The cards show this energy in the natural world, which we are part of & intrinsically linked to. It is this energy that we have an instinctive relationship with. By relating to this connection through the cards we can utilise this causal level to absorb, accept & grow.

These cards then become a therapeutic guide, inspiring us to live a life of empowered passion. The structure of the Tarot deck is the same as that of the human being and this Tarot deck is a celebration of the sacred energy that exists in all of us and the world in which we live.

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Therapy , Tarot


Steve Hounsome

The Gamble-Hounsome Tarot: The Tarot of Gnosis is a journey into a world of wonder, beauty, inspiration and positive possibility, drawn from both its unique imagery and therapeutic teachings.

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