Claire Lily


Claire created Aunt Lily’s Tarot Deck for her then eleven-year-old niece who was fascinated watching her use cards for email readings. After deciding to create her niece a personal deck, the Universe stepped in and in no time, Aunt Lily’s Tarot Deck was funded through Kickstarter and published in 2021. The deck has made its way across the world still to the astonishment of the creator.

Despite astrology, numerology, and tarot being in Claire's life from the age of 11, she decided to seek out mentors in the tarot sphere to receive professional accreditations as a tarot reader. “I am very fortunate to be mentored by the United Kingdom's top psychic, and tarot reader, Richard Knight.”

A natural-born empath Claire is always the ‘go-to’ for friends, colleagues, and clients who confide in her with some extremely hard, heart-wrenching issues. “I feel honored and humble being entrusted with peoples’ most delicate concerns and at strenuous times in their life. If being there for someone, holding space, giving hope and a way forward helped in any way, then my job is done.”

Following her success with Aunt Lily’s Tarot Deck, Claire presented at Staarcon in January 2022, and continues to wear many hats. She is now co-designing decks, teaching Tarot enthusiasts on social media, and continues to guide clients through readings.

Claire Lily if nothing goes right....go left (anon)