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50 Ways to Use Your Card Deck

By: Rosie Battista

Genre: Brainstorming & Ideation

A Card Deck is quite the gem of a tool for coaches, authors, trainers, teachers, preachers, and anyone wanting to teach and share their message with their audience.

This 50-Card Deck shares 50 ways to use your card deck to get your message out there.
With ideas for building your business, growing your community, supporting your clients &
making more money.

Amiko Cards

By: Katie Elliott

Genre: Purpose & Priority

Amiko Cards feature simple, evidence-based ideas that can help us to feel better at times when life's a bit tough.

In moments of feeling stressed, overwhelmed or generally out-of-sorts, look through the cards and ask, "What would help right now?"

When you find an idea that feels good - do it - in whatever way works for you.

To find out more, look up any of the cards on the Amiko membership site and you'll find the latest research, videos and more.

Another Door

By: Eleanor Tweddell

Genre: Business

See change as opportunity
Make it the best thing that ever happened to you.

Brand Hero - Branding Deck

By: Brand Hero Agency / Optimal Targeting

Genre: Purpose & Priority

Cape Your Brand With a Branding Deck

Helping brands map their benefit, process, values & emotional connection through a fun & easy card system

A versatile deck of 53 cards to facilitate good conversations and deep thinking.

Career Coaching Cards

By: Let's Talk Talent

Genre: Business

We designed this deck of career coaching cards as 52 questions that can be used to enable you and your managers have better career conversations.

We have split the deck of cards into four distinct suits:

  1. Led by me
  2. Supported by manager
  3. Backed by organisation
  4. You outside of organisation We recommend you split the decks into these suits, think about who you will be having your conversation with and take 3-4 cards randomly from the relevant suit into a conversation.

Use the cards as prompts and inspiration, but don’t forget to really listen during these career conversations, and ask follow up questions to their responses rather than just relying on the cards one after another.

Character Strengths Cards

By: Angie Shearer

Genre: Business

Character Strengths Cards based on the VIA Institute's worldwide research on which strengths make up what's best about our personality.


By: Scott Leiper

Genre: Learning & Coaching

COGNITIZE is a people development-focused card deck that creates limitless opportunities for people to transfer their learning into cohesive action through the power of story and sharing. Develop ourselves and gift our knowledge to others.

COGNITIZE – to learn, share, grow and repeat.

Collaboration in a Box

By: Kirstin Lund

Genre: Business

Helps teams manage and prevent workplace conflict so they can decrease stress, increase productivity and create healthy workplaces.

Creative Thinking Cards

By: Charles Fischer

Genre: Business

This powerful deck of creative thinking cards will provide hours of inspiration. Learn new strategies for creative thinking and use the random elements to explore hundreds of ideas and combinations. Each card has an image, a quote, two icons, and a random word that can be combined in multiple ways for writing, daily journaling, and creative enterprises. Designed by an award-winning author and teacher, these cards will change the way you see everything.

Creative Thinking Cards: Zany Supplemental

By: Charles Fischer

Genre: Learning & Coaching

The zany supplemental to the Creative Thinking Cards, this deck offers new and exciting possibilities to push your creativity to new levels. Each card has an image, a quote, two emojis, and a made-up word that can be combined in multiple ways to spark new ideas.

Earth Values for Living Regeneratively

By: Kathryn Alexander MA

Genre: Brainstorming & Ideation

Earth Values for Living Regeneratively provides an understanding of the ethics the Earth uses to keep life going so that we can do the same.

For us to successfully weather the changes and collapses all around us AND build a new, we must think and act just as Nature does. Combining systems thinking, science and indigenous wisdom, these cards allow the user to learn, reflect and change behavior to become a true partner to our beloved planet. We CAN follow the Prime Directive: All actions create the conditions that support LIFE.

By acting as the Earth does, making decisions that ensure all life thrives, we will recreate a new world, in harmony with nature.