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Alchemy Flower Oracle

By: Ingrid Koivukangas

Genre: Spirituality

The Alchemy Flower Oracle creates connections to the world of flowers and the messages they carry. Each card includes the common and Latin name and a short one line meaning that along with the imagery gives you various ways to quickly access your own intuition. The guidebook provides more detailed information.

I believe that we are all deeply intuitive. This deck is meant to be used as a way to begin communicating with the natural world and flowers that carry messages that your intuition can interpret and understand. The cards are a healing tool to help you explore your connections to yourself and the world around you.

The Oracle can be used for a one card reading for a daily message or quick insight to your question. You can also use the Oracle for a more in-depth reading using one of the other spreads.

The printed Oracle includes 48 full colour 3.5"x5" cards with gold edges, a printed guidebook and two part box. The printed guidebook includes short mythological and symbolic meanings for each subject as well as messages received during deep meditations for each individual card. Some cards include special meditations and/or exercises.

American Samaritans

By: Ian McClerin

Genre: Oracle

Espresso Tarot. 52 unique life enhancing talismans. Divine anything to anybody. Detail detours and deterrents from the everyday and unforseen. Fortune tell and craft memorable experiences with a unique deck containing glyphs and graphic design from all over the world. When life deals you a bad hand, buy a new deck.

Ancient Mystical Intuitive Oracle Cards I.

By: Evina Schmidova, Roman Wimmer

Genre: Oracle

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech
Ancient mystical intuitive oracle cards develop intuition and creative power of visualization.
Four ways of interpretation: 1. Intuitively, according to the picture; 2. According to the card name and description; 3. By astrological significance, zodiac signs, four elements and letters; 4. Combined.

Ancient Mystical Intuitive Oracle Cards II.

By: Evina Schmidova, Roman Wimmer

Genre: Oracle

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech
Ancient mystical intuitive oracle cards develop intuition and creative power of visualization.
Four ways of interpretation: 1. Intuitively, according to the picture; 2. According to the card name and description; 3. By astrological significance, zodiac signs, four elements and letters; 4. Combined.

A New Day Dawns

By: Dawn Dillon

Genre: Oracle

Learning to listen to your intuition is key! Having the self confidence and courage to follow what your guided to do makes a world of difference. Now you have all of that in the palm of your hand.

Angelic Love Notes

By: Sylvia Moss

Genre: Oracle

These Angelic Love Notes are channeled messages from the seven Archangel of the earth. There are 4 Love Note messages from each Archangel. Each Love Note card is the color of each Archangel's the Ray of Light. The Archangels guided me to create them for you to use as a daily support and reminder for you of who and what you are. The Archangels said they are your Celestial Cheerleaders for your awakening and Ascension path. Enjoy, revel, and transform. Become who you are!

Angel Numbers Oracle Cards

By: Essense Divine

Genre: Oracle

Are you always seeing the same numbers? We're here to tell you, it's not a coincidence. Your angels, guides, loved ones are trying to give you a message.

We've created a pack of 12 cards filled with messages to remind you that you are loved and never alone.

The front of the cards showcase original artwork from Zoe Dedes.

The back of the cards are angel numbers and affirmations.

000 - 1111 - 222 - 333 - 444 - 555 - 666 - 777 - 888 - 999 - 1010 - 1212

If you see 111, or 22, or variations, they still apply as a message.

How to use these cards:

  • Bring them with you wherever you go
  • Gift individual cards to someone special
  • Keep your favourites in your purse
  • Keep them by your bedside or in your altar

Angel Oracle Divination Deck

By: D.Lisa West

Genre: Oracle

deeply connect with your soul self...
Created and Illustrated by D.Lisa West. These angels called to D.Lisa, now they are free to fly and bring you inspiration. This deck features hand-drawn art by artist D.Lisa West. The cards depict urban angels to divinely support you, to be your most intuitive, powerful, authentic self.
Pull a single card for a quick reading or lay out a full spread for further clarity. These cards will inspire you!

Animal Angels Oracle Card Deck

By: Karen Janowski, MD

Genre: Oracle

Welcome to the Animal Angels Oracle Card Deck, a tool for Self-love and healing!
These cards were designed using original artwork created by incorporating the Flower of Life pattern into a pen and ink drawing. This was done using meditative principles and each design has been infused with healing Reiki energy. The self-love and healing affirmations were added to each design and inspired by intuitive messages from pets and other animals in nature. Our pets love us and want us to live healthy and happy lives!

These cards are infused with the consciousness of that which is of the most benefit to you on your self love journey.

Animal Magic Oracle Cards

By: Esther Sanchez

Genre: Oracle

This beautiful oracle deck, written and illustrated by visual artist Esther Sanchez, was created to nourish the relationship with your Higher Self.

My hope is that by using these oracle cards, you will create a Sacred Space in your life for reflection and gain an alternate perspective on your life’s journey through the wisdom of our Animal Guides.

Archangel Chakra Oracle

By: Misty Harding

Genre: Oracle

This card deck is brought to you by the Archangels of Heaven. Archangels are heavenly beings of pure light who have made themselves available to support us on our Earthly journey – and beyond. They know who we are with and without our body – as energetically complicated beings and work primarily in the “unseen” realms using the will and gifts of God.
Our chakras and auric field are affected by the energy of our physical, emotional and mental experiences and environment. This may include experiences, thoughts, and feelings from other life-times.
All of this energy has created your body and life at this current moment. The good thing is it’s “just energy” and this can be worked on by the Archangels – but only if you ASK, LET GO and RECEIVE.
The Archangel Chakra Oracle card deck consists of 44 cards containing a message and something to ASK the Archangels for help with for each card.
When you read the invocation, you are asking for their assistance. Know that the Angels will come. There need be no pleading. Allow time for the work to be done (usually seconds) between sentences. You may want to read the invocation two times and pause for the work to be done the second time. Most cards have a “Thank you” at the end. This is not for the Archangel – they appreciate our gratitude, but it is in your gratitude that you RECEIVE or ALLOW them to help.

Archangel Light Codes

By: Annie Caulkett

Genre: Oracle

Love connecting with Angels? Me too! Ready to connect with the Archangels in a new and powerful way? Then this is the deck for you!

When I created this deck, the Archangels appeared as energy light rather than the traditional physical image most decks represent them as. Their presence during the creation uplifted my entire consciousness to understand we a reflection of each other across the dimensions of existence. The remembrance of my own Angelic Light Body was in alignment with the vast energy shift we are now having on Earth.

Introducing these Angelic Codes into your spiritual practice supports your connection to the Divine, actively engaging you with your inner "true" self. Rather than seeing the angels as separate from yourself and calling them to help you, these codes activate your connection with the Archangels and awaken your energetic memory of your Angelic Being. The power of the Archangels lies dormant in your energy field, and awakening this creates a foundational step toward spiritual growth and consciousness.

By incorporating the codes into your practice, you may experience and manifest more of the Archangels' positive qualities, such as spiritual attunement, love, joy, inner knowing, surrender, and connection.

This deck is about personal and spiritual growth through the power of self-reflection. The Archangels were insistent that these codes are unique to each user; therefore, the message is a trigger for your understanding. Allow each code to awaken hidden depths of yourself and give you new guidance and knowledge in each reading and use. This deck will evolve and grow with you; the more you connect and use it, the deeper your journey will be.