Piece of Mind


We all experience our own personal journey.
Pieces of which are left imprinted
on the brain of a sleepy, vulnerable empathic soul.
The secret to awakening, thus learning who you really are,
is to understand how to connect and control your energy,
and the emotions triggered by these memories.
Revisiting memories of people and places that once caused pain. Revealing themselves as visions - like photographs or mini movies, rewinding and replaying, over and over again…
It’s important to understand - as empathic beings we can change our world, when we learn how to be in charge of our thoughts - and manifest an abundance of joyful experiences into our life.
Shed the guilt of other peoples’ teachings, and hear what our inner voice needs us to know about the current situation…

Piece of Mind, is a visual evolution in itself,
From the first card to the last, this deck is a guide to the awakening process, using personal experience.
And by figuring out which wound is bleeding,
We can allow the healing process to evolve

Will you find the missing pieces that hold you back?
Are you ready to become the best possible version of yourself?




Ceris O'Neill

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