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The Adventure Deck

By: Bird & Bloom

Genre: Social Games

For us, ‘Adventure Days’ have been an essential part of our lives for the last few years and we wanted to come up with a way to share that experience. The Adventure Deck is a game of intuition and pushing the bounds of what you already know. Learn to trust your gut, explore new things, break from your routine, and embrace your surroundings. A hybrid between an interactive card game and a spiritual deck, with elements to use in whatever capacity you see fit for yourself. You can take the cards literally and set out to do whatever they say or you can take the symbolic words for inspiration. This deck consists of 70 uniquely designed action cards & 6 blank cards to make the deck your own. The action cards are split into nine categories: Compass, Setting, Time of Day, Potions, Nibbles, Animals, Plant Life, Activities, and Treasures. Each action card has a suggested use, 3-4 words that represent the card, a description, and an image.

The Magik of Love and Situationships

By: Maria Rusu, Claire Lily

Genre: Oracle

The Situationships Deck was created to add more clarity to my Tarot Reading and for one card daily message and guidance as we navigate through our relationships.


By: Love

Genre: Relationships

Mother and Daughter team, Love and Simone, designed this deck as a way to deliver messages to all the womxn of the world.

An inclusive deck, WOMXN explores the themes of being a feminine energy person of any walk of life and the ups and downs of that experience.

This is a great affirmation deck for those transitioning, looking to connect with their feminine side, or wanting to get in touch with their inner woman.

This deck is great to use with clients as well to discover what main themes show up in their lives.

As well as including differently abled pictures, different races, and different body types this deck does it's best to understand the main feelings and themes of being a womxn in this day and age.

Would You Rather... Naughty Version

By: Rod Storo

Genre: Erotic & Sensuality 18+

The Ultimate Fun, Naughty Question Game. In this game you will explore whether you will do this or that. This is an x-rated game and should only be played if you are an open-minded, creative person(s). This game can be played with couples or multiple people.