Connection Cards


Connection Cards: Creating Connection, One Card at a Time

In a world where screens often separate us, with Connection Cards there is an opportunity to use those very screens to bring us closer together.

Personal connection is essential for our wellbeing and longevity (if you haven't seen How to Live to 100 on Netflix, check it out and you will see why connection is so invaluable).

Through our carefully curated digital deck series on Deckible, we aim to foster meaningful interactions, spark joy, and encourage the sharing of stories and laughter, proving that digital platforms like Deckible can indeed be a force for connection.

From the light-hearted exploration of dating disasters to the profound journey of self-discovery, each deck is designed with one goal in mind: to strengthen the bonds that unite us.

Connection Cards invites you to dive into a world of engaging prompts, thought-provoking questions, and playful scenarios, all created to enhance your relationships and connect on levels you never thought possible through a screen.

Let's harness technology (the Deckible app) to create the right connections, one card at a time!

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Connection Cards Creating Connection, One Card at a Time!

Dating Disaster Deck


Think your dating life could win a 'Most Awkward Moments' award? Welcome to the club! Introducing the 'Dating Disasters Humour Deck'—because if you can't date 'em, at least you can laugh at 'em. Ever found yourself on a date thinking, 'Well, this will make a great story someday'? If your dating life feels like a comedy of errors, our 'Dating Disasters Humour Deck' is just the sidekick you need. Designed for anyone who's navigated the unpredictable seas of modern dating, this deck is a hilarious homage to those dates you'd rather forget—but can't help but share. Dive into this deck for a riotous reminder that when it comes to dating, disaster is just a swipe away!


Connection Cards

Couple Connection Cards


The power of connection lies at the heart of enduring love and intimacy. In romantic relationships, it's crucial to make a conscious choice to connect with our partners, ensuring we don't take our relationship or each other for granted. By actively staying connected, we navigate life's challenges more smoothly and build a more satisfying and enjoyable life together. This ongoing effort to connect is the foundation of a strong, resilient bond that enriches both partners in every aspect of their journey.

In the daily rush of life, carving out moments of true connection with your partner can sometimes feel challenging. The Romantic Connection Cards are here to change that - a beautifully crafted collection of prompts designed to bring you and your loved one closer.

Simply draw a card from the Romantic Connection Cards deck each day or whenever you feel like adding a spark to your relationship.

Or you commit to doing one of the suggest activities per week and really prioritize your connection.

Read the prompt together, and embrace the activity or conversation it suggests.

Let these cards guide you to deeper understanding, joy, and intimacy in your journey as a couple.


Connection Cards

Date Coversation Cards


Say goodbye to awkward silences on dates with Date Conversation Cards – your ultimate icebreaker!

Packed with playful and intriguing questions, these cards are the perfect sidekick for those first few dates when you're still getting to know each other.

From hilarious hypotheticals to curious queries about dreams and memories, each card is a doorway to laughter, fun, and genuine connection.

These cards are also great for long term couples to play and learn more about each other.

Just pick a card, ask the question, and let the conversation flow. Each card contains a unique question designed to spark engaging and insightful dialogues. Perfect for first dates or getting to know someone new, these cards are your go-to for turning any meeting into an enjoyable and memorable experience.

These cards are also great for those in longer term relationships that want to have fun learning more about each other.


Connection Cards