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Modus Operandi

By: Rayshauna Gray

Genre: Social Games

The 72-card Modus Operandi Deck is designed to help people sit with life's big questions. Whether solo or with others, prepare for meaningful reflection.

This pandemic has forced us to reconsider so many of the ideas, motivations, and historical circumstances (personal, familial, and cultural) that got us here. I think it's important we (re)consider what keeps us going and why.


By: Charles Fischer

Genre: Learning & Coaching

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then card spreads can generate countless stories. Enter the nautical story-world of Nauticara, where cards are magical and card readings are much more than oracles. Here, you are invited to discover new ideas, craft stories, and even venture into stories-within-stories. Each card in the deck has oracle text for readings, as well as specific story starters that can generate hours of imaginative engagement.

Filled with numerous story hooks and ideas, these cards can be used for all kinds of creative writing and thinking adventures.

Parenting - The Hero's Adventure

By: Jill Greenbaum

Genre: Kids & Parenting

Permission to Sparkle

By: Astrid Mueller

Genre: Learning & Coaching

“Permission To Sparkle” is an interactive play book to:
Bring more playfulness and good times into your life now.

Manifest your dreams and desires one by one.
Move through challenges, whatever life brings, with curiosity and soulful play prompts.
Learn to trust your own intuition and yourself.
Find new feel-good habits of fully taking care of yourself.
Heal your heart, and let go of old mind stories.
Give yourself permission to live in full sparkle, and live all your heart’s desires!


By: Zdeslav Hrepic

Genre: Learning & Coaching

• Are you looking for an innovative approach to life coaching?
• Have you already noticed a variety of Physics terms like Leverage, Focus, Momentum, Energy, or – the Quantum, commonly used in life coaching lingo?

Coaching is the art and skill of helping people achieve their goals and overcome obstacles. And physics is the queen of sciences when it comes to describing, explaining, and predicting how our world works. “Physics Secrets For Life Coaching” blends both fields and turns the laws of Physics into actionable coaching metaphors for yourself and your clients. It is your Physics guide for supporting your hero’s quest to fulfillment, health, and success.

In Physics For Coaching, you will find:

• simple explanations of Physics concepts in plain English
• beautiful illustrations and images to visually expand each metaphor
• inspirational quotes from coaches and scientists on all topics
• thought-provoking questions to reframe old perspectives and take new actions
• and much more …

Take the journey!
Transform your reality by leveraging the power of the laws of Nature!

“Brilliant ways of bringing the Laws of Physics out of the classroom and showing how to apply them in our daily lives.” ~ Lisa K.Y. Wong
“Life doesn’t just happen. It’s all physics. This is the roadmap!” ~ Sue Lo
“These metaphors can be game-changers in winning the game of life and in helping others achieve their dreams”. ~ Faruk Gűnes

Pick-a-Postcard: Metaphors for Life Reflection Deck

By: Jennifer Stanchfield

Genre: Therapy

Transcend the traditional sharing circle and reflection conversation with the power of metaphoric imagery. People often find it easier to express themselves through a picture or symbol rather than through verbal means. Because participants can talk about the object or image rather than about themselves directly, they express thoughts that would otherwise be left unsaid. The thoughts, ideas and connections inspired by the imagery lead to broader and deeper reflection sessions because metaphors and symbols stimulate multiple areas of the brain and involve all senses. This approach can be especially helpful for more introverted or reluctant group members.

This tool is useful for both individual and collaborative reflection and is used in restorative circles and appreciations, group norms conversations, and goal setting.

• Facilitate strong beginnings and optimistic endings to group work or coaching sessions.
• Inspire meaningful engagement, reflection and dialogue that goes beyond traditional verbal techniques.
• Spark creative writing, exploration of personal or group strengths or goals.


By: Matt Ballantine

Genre: Learning & Coaching

PlayCards distil six years of research into the skills and capabilities organisations need to be able to innovate into a simple tool that helps individuals, small groups and teams.

In his work, Matt Ballantine has spoken with people in traditional businesses, the arts, government, consulting and more to create a straightforward model that helps people to understand what they need to be able to do to do things differently.

PlayCards enable you to play with those concepts, and take clear actions to build up the attributes you and your organisation need to innovate in our ever-changing world.

They are a 52-card deck that can be used solo, with groups or by facilitators to help people to explore their Play Skills. Designed by Matt Ballantine after many years of research, the cards have been beautifully illustrated by Ellie Dallison from Studio KT1.

Playing with Strengths

By: Cat Hase

Genre: Learning & Coaching

When was the last time you explored your strengths?

I don’t just mean thinking about what you are good at, but really and truly explored them?
… explored them with curiosity and wonder.
… explored the with new eyes.
… explored them as a way to truly see yourself and your path.

The Playing with Strengths card deck allows you to do all of that.

You can use them alone or use them in groups.

You can use them for yourself or use them to coach others.

Playing with Strengths helps guide meaningful exploration, discussion and understanding around your unique strengths and how you use them.

Positive Reflection

By: Mental Toughness Institute

Genre: Learning & Coaching

The Positive Reflection Cards have been designed to provide meaningful conversations about the things that positively impact psychological well-being and provide an invaluable insight into how we understand, view, and experience well-being. Grounded in Prof. Martin Seligman’s PERMA Model which focuses on flourishing and thriving, the Positive Reflection Cards give information, questions, action points, and tips that can be used in a wide range of conversations.
You can use the cards in teams, pairs, and individually. The cards are themed on the five pillars of psychological well-being: Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment. A MUST tool for individuals, coaches, managers.

QBasics: Open-Ended Questions for Coaching Mastery

By: Marcy Nelson-Garrison

Genre: Learning & Coaching

Q Basics Open-Ended questions for Coaching Mastery
Powerful open-ended questions are the hallmark of professional coaching. The QBasics deck offers 54 basic open-ended questions to help coaches and managers master this fundamental skill. Although designed as a training tool it's also great for self-coaching! The questions are divided into three “suits” or categories with 18 questions in each category.

Simple & Curious
Expanding Awareness
Taking Action

The questions have been compiled through research of available coaching literature, personal experience and interviews with coaches working in both corporate and coach training settings.

For self-coaching: begin with a question or two from Simple and Curious, then explore more through the questions in the Expanding Awareness suit. When you are ready, use the Taking Action questions to clarity next steps.

Sample Questions (Try them on for yourself)

Simple and Curious
What do you want that you do not have now?

Expanding Awareness
What strengths can you leverage?

Taking Action
What will increase your chance of success?

12 page User Guide
The User Guide addresses the art of open-ended questions, describes the kinds of questions in the deck and offers practical suggestions for using the cards to build mastery.

Common challenges of new coaches and managers who coach:

Tendency towards long, ineffective and complex questions.

Not fully understanding the difference between open-ended questions, yes/no questions, leading questions and why questions.

Difficulty getting the coachee to identify specific steps and make a commitment to action.

The Benefit of the Q? Basics deck...

Facilitates skill development post-training or in lieu of training.

Effective coaching conversations are possible immediately – The Q? Basics questions are designed to elicit values, vision, passion, action, resourcefulness, choices and perceived obstacles.

Questions are easy to adapt to specific situations and provide a model as a coach/manager develops his/her own questions and style.

The questions have been carefully researched and represent the best of the basics.

Q? Basics offers a method of introducing material in a fun, effective way within corporate training environments and can be used by internal or external trainers.

Modules can be designed around the Q? Basics suits providing an effective structure to introduce a mix of coaching skills.

The beauty is in the simplicity

My story

When I was in training to become a coach I had a great mentor. She insisted that I generate and memorize some basic, simple questions. She repeatedly pointed to questions that were short, simple and curious. The results were always that it kept the focus on the client and their answers.

These simple open-ended questions empowered my clients. I came to trust the questions and trust my client's ability to discover the answers. The beauty is in the simplicity. The end result is a successful client, a successful coach and greater ease in the process.

What others are saying about Q? Basics

"I found using the Q?Basics powerful and effective in teaching coaching skills to seasoned leaders in my Leadership Enhancement Retreats. The participants stated that they found Q?Basics added great value and expedited their learning of coaching skills. They wanted Q?Basics sets for themselves."

Diana Gabriel, PCC
Professional Certified Coach

"Marcy, I love your open-ended question cards. Your three main categories (color-coded for ease of recognition) of Simple and Curious; Expanding Awareness; and Taking Action relate very closely to the coaching model I teach. I’ll be recommending this attractive and useful deck of coaching question cards to coaches, as well as anyone who wants to refine their communication skills."

Barbra Sundquist

"Q-basics is useful for the newer coach seeking to learn a solid set of coaching questions or for the more experienced coach or manager wanting to get back to basics. This deck has multiple uses as a training tool or as a way to keep your coaching stance when working with a client."

Paula Hemming MA, PCC
Former Director of Life Coaching Education
Adler Graduate School, Minneapolis MN

"I have given the cards to my apprentices in Singapore and they are thrilled with them. They are just learning to coach, so the questions have been very helpful to them."

Rebecca Bradley MCC,
President of Partnership Coaching Inc.
Marietta, Georgia

"I used Q? Basics in a University Leadership class of 25 Executive Directors. After completing the wheel of life assessment tool and choosing an area from the assessment they wanted to work with, participants were introduced to Q? Basics. They were each given three questions, one from each category, Simple and Curious, Expanding Awareness and Taking Action. They applied the questions in that order, to their chosen area. The feedback was profound and powerful and helped participants commit to action in a very short time. I found Q? Basics to be a great way to introduce new people to coaching by helping them become more comfortable and safe with the process. I highly recommend these cards to all coaches and trainers."

Rita Goldhammer, CPCC Former Program Manager, University of St Thomas,
Center for Non-profit Management, St. Paul, Minnesota

Quantum Human Design Oracle Cards

By: Karen Curry Parker

Genre: Learning & Coaching

Beautiful card deck with golden gilded edges. QUANTUM HUMAN DESIGN™ EXPERT, Karen Curry Parker, has created this original oracle system with 64 unique cards to connect you with the transformative wisdom of Quantum Human Design™ for practical guidance about all aspects of your life. Ask a question and focus on intentions for your healing and transformation. Pick a card and receive wisdom from the cross-cultural archetypes of the Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu chakra system, and the Judaic Kabbalah mixed in with the modern science of quantum physics. Reflect on the intimate and life-altering messages and begin your journey of aligning with the fulfillment of your Authentic Self and your Higher Purpose. This card deck comes with a small booklet to guide you and you can also purchase the full-size companion book.

Question Cards

By: Mathias Jakobsen

Genre: Business

The Question Cards have a set of self-reflection prompts that you can use for journaling or in conversation