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Natures Devas; Gentle Messages for Healing

By: Brenda Lanigan

Genre: Oracle

Connect with the Nature Devas as they take you on a journey of self-discovery and insight. You will hear from the plants themselves on how they can assist you physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally on your path to happiness and wellbeing.
Come along...your journey awaits!...


By: Jennifer Elsner

Genre: Oracle

Relationships are at the core of our experience: personal, inter-personal and professional. In fact, they are the building blocks that create our lives. How to purify and make these unions more perfect is rich with opportunity.

ORA+CLE is a vehicle for finding meaning & magic in the quotidian. 50 cards of wisdom gained through my decades-long design practice—illuminating ways to reframe, recharge and reflect.

What’s an ORA+CLE Deck?

An oracle deck is similar to Tarot; an object of meditation that encourages its participant to explore and uncover truths about themselves. It holds the promise of a dynamic, positive, spiritual transformation via understanding our essential selves.

Where ORA+CLE differs from an oracle deck or Tarot is that it’s a looser, more utilitarian exploration. Its scope encompasses the emotional experiences we have as designers. ORA+CLE was developed pragmatically, intuitively, and yes, sacredly.

ORA+CLE is meant to be used on its own — as a way of deepening inquiry — or as a compliment to a Tarot practice. Oh! And it encourages you to use your critical thinking skills, too.

While ORA+CLE is a divination tool created with the needs of designers in mind, it works for anyone who interfaces professionally or personally with humans. So, pretty much everyone.

Why an Oracle Deck?

The designer/client relationship is at the core of my professional and artist practice. How to purify and make these unions more perfect is rich with opportunity. The inquiry lights me up.

Cultivating the intimacy necessary for a rewarding designer/client rapport is often avoided under the guise of being ‘professional.’ This fiction results in distrust, disinterest, dissatisfaction. On both sides. My stance is more emotional investment, not less, is the only way to conduct business. ORA+CLE is a tool to harness a paradigm shift.

Why the name ORA+CLE?

The name ORA+CLE began as a typo, and I liked it. The typesetting is an aesthetic composition that also clearly identifies the nature of the object.


Peace & Power - Pregnancy and Parenting Affirmations

By: Alexis Christine Wild

Genre: Mindfulness

Birth with power. Parent with peace. Pregnancy and parenting can be a challenge at the best times and an epic mess at the worst! How can affirmations help? They remind you of who you really are - whole, strong, brave. You are the perfect parent to learn and grow together with your child! It's time to claim your inner peace and power.

Permission Slips

By: Ayesha Hilton

Genre: Mindfulness

Inspired by the work of Brené Brown, these Permission Slips are a way of stating an intention that can stop you from getting in your own way.

Brené Brown describes permission slips as, “A practical and familiar way to think about what might get in the way of us talking about how we feel, asking for what we need, or trying something new.”

With 64 gorgeous permission slips, you can choose one when you need it or make it part of your daily practice.

Permission to Sparkle

By: Astrid Mueller

Genre: Learning & Coaching

“Permission To Sparkle” is an interactive play book to:
Bring more playfulness and good times into your life now.

Manifest your dreams and desires one by one.
Move through challenges, whatever life brings, with curiosity and soulful play prompts.
Learn to trust your own intuition and yourself.
Find new feel-good habits of fully taking care of yourself.
Heal your heart, and let go of old mind stories.
Give yourself permission to live in full sparkle, and live all your heart’s desires!

Pick-a-Postcard: Metaphors for Life Reflection Deck

By: Jennifer Stanchfield

Genre: Learning & Coaching

Transcend the traditional sharing circle and reflection conversation with the power of metaphoric imagery. People often find it easier to express themselves through a picture or symbol rather than through verbal means. Because participants can talk about the object or image rather than about themselves directly, they express thoughts that would otherwise be left unsaid. The thoughts, ideas and connections inspired by the imagery lead to broader and deeper reflection sessions because metaphors and symbols stimulate multiple areas of the brain and involve all senses. This approach can be especially helpful for more introverted or reluctant group members.

This tool is useful for both individual and collaborative reflection and is used in restorative circles and appreciations, group norms conversations, and goal setting.

• Facilitate strong beginnings and optimistic endings to group work or coaching sessions.
• Inspire meaningful engagement, reflection and dialogue that goes beyond traditional verbal techniques.
• Spark creative writing, exploration of personal or group strengths or goals.

Positive Power Pack

By: Cara Delaney

Genre: Mindfulness

Enhance your mindset by accessing the power within you. By selecting 3 cards each day, you can focus on 3 aspects of your life from the guidance given. The universe has a way of highlighting messages to us when we most need to hear them. Each card is a message for you to access your power to make positive change in your life. With 75 cards the combinations are endless, your 3 cards each day will bring new guidance and inspiration to enhance your mindset.

Positive Reflection

By: Mental Toughness Institute

Genre: Learning & Coaching

The Positive Reflection Cards have been designed to provide meaningful conversations about the things that positively impact psychological well-being and provide an invaluable insight into how we understand, view, and experience well-being. Grounded in Prof. Martin Seligman’s PERMA Model which focuses on flourishing and thriving, the Positive Reflection Cards give information, questions, action points, and tips that can be used in a wide range of conversations.
You can use the cards in teams, pairs, and individually. The cards are themed on the five pillars of psychological well-being: Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment. A MUST tool for individuals, coaches, managers.


By: Debra Thomas

Genre: Mindfulness

Carry around these portable daily affirmations to boost your mood and attitude. Positivity facilitates the development of traits such as inquisitiveness, adaptability, and resilience. Instill positivity and thankfulness in your daily life with this set of 47 empowering affirmation cards for women. Get in the habit of picking up a card with your morning coffee, before night, or whenever you choose, and you'll soon find yourself thinking more positively. Positive affirmations for every aspect of your life - The 47 cards can be explored in one of five sets: relationships, leadership, confidence/self-esteem, self-care, and spirituality. Get in a better frame of mind and start the day on a positive note with some uplifting affirmations that won't take up much of your time but will stick with you all day. Take your favorite affirmations to the next level by utilizing them as journal prompts, as part of a mood board, or as part of a meditation practice. Use these uplifting affirmations and mantras as daily reminders of the power of positive thought.