By: Toby Dorr

Genre: Oracle

Mindfully Resourceful

By: Vicki Jurica

Genre: Mindfulness

44 everyday trauma sensitive activities to develop and deepen your mindfulness practice

Your inner wisdom speaks in the language of emotion. When you know how you feel, it becomes clear what to do, what to say, and what you want. It helps you find your way home to who you truly are.

Modus Operandi

By: Rayshauna Gray

Genre: Mindfulness

The 72-card Modus Operandi Deck is designed to help people sit with life's big questions. Whether solo or with others, prepare for meaningful reflection.

This pandemic has forced us to reconsider so many of the ideas, motivations, and historical circumstances (personal, familial, and cultural) that got us here. I think it's important we (re)consider what keeps us going and why.

Morning & Moonlight Affirmation Cards

By: Dawn Lyons

Genre: Mindfulness

56 Cards with Affirmations for Day and Evening

Morning & Moonlight are times of magic; of new awakenings, rest and rejuvenation, and revelation.

Enjoy these words and images as guides for your thoughts, meditations, and journaling during morning and moonlight, or any time of day, to create your own moments of magic.

My Fabnewlous Transformation Card Deck

By: Fabnewlous Sarah Bolitho

Genre: Mindfulness

This unique card deck uses the power of simple and sustainable steps to keep you moving forward toward your dream life. Each card focuses on one word linked to change and has a suggested affirmation and an action to move you forward, just for today. There are four suits, lifestyle, intentions, fences and energy, all of which help promote change and overcome obstacles. You can draw one card to focus on each day or use a spread to give you more in-depth ideas for moving forward, one day at a time.

My Quality Time Self-Care Cards

By: Deja Drewit

Genre: Mindfulness

44 Simple, quick and affordable self-care activities to help you take better care of yourself, reduce stress, and get peace of mind. Great for all women and mothers.

I created this deck as a new burnt out mom who stopped taking care of myself and it transformed my self-care routine while also being a busy mom.

Mystical Mermaid Affirmation Deck

By: Gevera Bert Piedmont

Genre: Mindfulness

Each delightful card features two related, deceptively simple affirmations. Choose which affirmation to focus on or see which affirmation you need by paying attention to signs from the universe after pulling the card. Versatile enough to use every day. Mystical Mermaid Affirmation Journal and Coloring Book also available.

Natures Devas; Gentle Messages for Healing

By: Brenda Lanigan

Genre: Oracle

Connect with the Nature Devas as they take you on a journey of self-discovery and insight. You will hear from the plants themselves on how they can assist you physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally on your path to happiness and wellbeing.

Come along...your journey awaits!...


By: Jennifer Elsner

Genre: Oracle

Relationships are at the core of our experience: personal, inter-personal and professional. In fact, they are the building blocks that create our lives. How to purify and make these unions more perfect is rich with opportunity.

ORA+CLE is a vehicle for finding meaning & magic in the quotidian. 50 cards of wisdom gained through my decades-long design practice—illuminating ways to reframe, recharge and reflect.

What’s an ORA+CLE Deck?

An oracle deck is similar to Tarot; an object of meditation that encourages its participant to explore and uncover truths about themselves. It holds the promise of a dynamic, positive, spiritual transformation via understanding our essential selves.

Where ORA+CLE differs from an oracle deck or Tarot is that it’s a looser, more utilitarian exploration. Its scope encompasses the emotional experiences we have as designers. ORA+CLE was developed pragmatically, intuitively, and yes, sacredly.

ORA+CLE is meant to be used on its own — as a way of deepening inquiry — or as a compliment to a Tarot practice. Oh! And it encourages you to use your critical thinking skills, too.

While ORA+CLE is a divination tool created with the needs of designers in mind, it works for anyone who interfaces professionally or personally with humans. So, pretty much everyone.

Why an Oracle Deck?

The designer/client relationship is at the core of my professional and artist practice. How to purify and make these unions more perfect is rich with opportunity. The inquiry lights me up.

Cultivating the intimacy necessary for a rewarding designer/client rapport is often avoided under the guise of being ‘professional.’ This fiction results in distrust, disinterest, dissatisfaction. On both sides. My stance is more emotional investment, not less, is the only way to conduct business. ORA+CLE is a tool to harness a paradigm shift.

Why the name ORA+CLE?

The name ORA+CLE began as a typo, and I liked it. The typesetting is an aesthetic composition that also clearly identifies the nature of the object.


Peace & Power - Pregnancy and Parenting Affirmations

By: Alexis Christine Wild

Genre: Mindfulness

Birth with power. Parent with peace. Pregnancy and parenting can be a challenge at the best times and an epic mess at the worst! How can affirmations help? They remind you of who you really are - whole, strong, brave. You are the perfect parent to learn and grow together with your child! It's time to claim your inner peace and power.