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Writing Prompts

By: Kelly Falardeau

Genre: Brainstorming & Ideation

Writing Prompts that will get you thinking and writing so you can get unstuck.

Zen Blossoms Flowering Intuition Cards

By: Jorie Cooper Cwik

Genre: Mindfulness

This delightful deck features 54 flower-filled guidance cards. Similar to Jorie's "Love Is Everywhere" cards, this deck was designed to strengthen your intuition and to invite you to "start a conversation" with your higher self. Each photograph was personally captured by Jorie and each "blossom" has its own unique message to share. When working with the cards, pay attention to any first impressions and inner guidance you may receive. The card's descriptions list some possible meanings for each card which you can refer to when you feel more clarity is needed. Choose the meaning or meanings that best resonate with you.