Walking with the Grandmothers

By: Gaynor Beck

Genre: Learning & Coaching

The Grandmothers offer a sequence of teachings designed to Hold Space for You.

The Grandmothers see you as a Being of Unique Beauty & Potential.

Walking with the Grandmothers guides you on a Journey Within to Heal and Awaken your True Authentic Soul.

The cards presented here in this deck are the Codes & Activations given in the form of Symbols and Words from the Grandmothers. They are designed to gently shift limiting structures within the Self.

Always the goal is to uncover from the depth within, the Truth of our Unique Souls.

Ways of Being

By: Stefanie Tocco

Genre: Kids & Parenting

The deck includes 24 life skill concepts each with an interactive activity, meditation and breathing exercises and parent/teacher cards. With skills ranging from Kindness and Patience to Courage and Compassion, the activities are simple and fun, and inspire positive character building for everyone involved.

What if...

By: Ayesha Hilton

Genre: Mindfulness

There is something magical about "What if..." as it opens you up to possibilities! Use these cards as a way to live more freely, passionately, and joyfully! Includes 58 What if cards plus 58 journal prompt cards.

Who Am I? Epic Affirmations for Awesome Kids

By: Alexis Christine Wild, Aprilia V, E.V.

Genre: Kids & Parenting

Remind your kids (or yourself!) who you are with this set of positive affirmation cards. Positive affirmations help us to be our best self - good, enough, loved, safe, magical!

Wisdom for a Joyful Life

By: Livia Pewtress

Genre: Spirituality

Bring light and joy into everyday circumstances. These are designed to meet you where you are and raise you higher. To share with friends and bring light and inspiration to people everywhere.

Beautiful Inspiration and wisdom easily understood that will reveal deeper understanding with pondering and prayer.

Learn to more fully trust God and receive the abundance of wisdom available for you. These cards include wisdom, insights, simple actions, journal prompts and create space for grace and inspiration through your transformation and sanctification.

Writing Prompts

By: Kelly Falardeau

Genre: Mindfulness

Writing Prompts that will get you thinking and writing so you can get unstuck.

Zen Blossoms Flowering Intuition Cards

By: Jorie Cooper Cwik

Genre: Mindfulness

This delightful deck features 54 flower-filled guidance cards. Similar to Jorie's "Love Is Everywhere" cards, this deck was designed to strengthen your intuition and to invite you to "start a conversation" with your higher self. Each photograph was personally captured by Jorie and each "blossom" has its own unique message to share. When working with the cards, pay attention to any first impressions and inner guidance you may receive. The card's descriptions list some possible meanings for each card which you can refer to when you feel more clarity is needed. Choose the meaning or meanings that best resonate with you.