Together Equal - Conversation Cards for Kids


We've developed a set of conversation cards which are designed to get kids away from their devices and talking to each other, their families and their friends. The questions are designed to challenge social norms, bring down unconscious bias and tear down the invisible barriers of societal expectations. These products are for parents who want to find different ways to engage with their kids, and start thoughtful conversations about equality.

The questions on our conversation cards are focused on resetting social values. This is our opportunity to rewrite the narrative, build a new base with no unconscious bias, and create a world where kids are kids and their potential has no invisible boundaries.

With 52 different questions such as:

If a man and a woman do the same job should they be paid the same?

What makes a person clever?

These conversation cards help kids develop key soft skills including debate, discussion and persuasion, whilst giving parents new ways to engage their family.

Together Equal is a profit with purpose social enterprise running programmes aimed at giving all children and young adults an equal start in life. Our mission is to promote equality for everyone. We believe this can be achieved by owning the conversation at every level.

To fund our activities we created Conversation Cards for families with kids age 7+ to encourage conversation and debate about equality. We sell these directly to raise money to subsidise our school work, but we work with a number of charities who sell them directly keeping all the profits raised to enable them to continue supporting victims of domestic abuse.


Sarah Aird-Mash

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