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The Gratitude Challenge

By: Cat Hase

Genre: Learning & Coaching

Would you like to add an extra dose of gratitude to your day?

Tap into the power of gratitude and see what a difference it can make to your life. You could…

… use them by yourself to grow your daily gratitude practice.

… use them with your family & friends to share your experiences and stories.

… use them with colleagues to explore and understand each others different approaches and viewpoints.

The Gratitude Challenge card deck can be used however you choose!

Each deck contains 54 prompts to help you explore your gratitude in a whole variety of topics. One side has a specially designed image to inspire you, whilst the other side includes the prompt to help you explore further.

The Museum of Impossible Objects

By: Sarah Le-Fevre

Genre: Social Games

Take the magic of the museum's collection home with you, with this deck of some of the star exhibits. A game for a storytelling session, to generate ideas for speculative fiction, or to think about some of life's ethical dilemmas through a weird fiction lens. Think 'Scruples' but with added Lovecraft.

Play just for fun, or use for facilitated sessions and workshops.

The Poetry LAB Deck

By: Mary Tinucci, LICSW, DSW

Genre: Learning & Coaching

The Poetry LAB was a youth poetry group program developed by Mary Tinucci, who was a social worker in St. Paul Public Schools in St. Paul, MN. The Poetry LAB existed from 2004-2014. This deck emerged and evolved from that program.

The first 6 cards in this deck provide an overview of the mission of The Poetry LAB group model & instructions/guidance for Poetry LAB group facilitators. The remaining 44 cards are writing prompts for the beginning, middle, & ending stages of The Poetry LAB group experience.

A facilitator could use this digital Poetry LAB Prompt Deck (or the physical version of this Poetry LAB Prompt Deck) to guide the writing focus for each group. Allow youth participants to choose writing prompts from the Prompt Deck!

The Top Five Regrets of the Dying

By: Bronnie Ware

Genre: Mindfulness

The Top Five Regrets of the Dying is an internationally bestselling memoir read by over a million people. This deck contains 100 quotes from the book, to have in your pocket whenever your heart yearns for courage and inspiration.

There is a reason this book has been translated into 32 languages and has a movie in the pipeline: its themes are universal and will support you. The cards will help you to remember the sacredness of your time, find kindness for yourself and others, and treasure the gift that your life and self already are.

If you’ve not met the patients behind the wisdom shared in this deck, grab yourself a copy of the book too. Get to know the dying people whose insights have changed the lives of so many. Let the book link it all together and support you with even deeper inspiration.

If you’ve read the book, or even re-read it countless times as many have, this deck will take you back there instantly to the empowerment and wisdom shared. Only this time, it will be on your phone whenever you need it.

Pick a card a day, create your own spread of them for answers, or share one with a friend to support them. With so many options, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying card deck is here to support your heart and the life it calls for.

Transform Deck

By: Terry Pearce

Genre: Business

A practical tool to inspire you to transform learning content into engaging activities, curated from twenty years of learning design experience. Each of the 45 activity cards represents a way to turn content into engaging activities. Plus, seven method cards give you ways to combine, lay out, and play. Whatever sort of learning you create, the transform deck will help you make memorable, enjoyable and effective experiences.

Value Cards for Personal Growth

By: Lisa Condon

Genre: Mindfulness

These Value Cards are a tool to help you understand your core values. Working through the exercise will provide clarity of what grounds you, a foundation from which to grow and strengthen, and an opportunity to set clear boundaries.

Values: A game changer for a life well-loved

By: Rosemarie Philip, MODL, PCC

Genre: Purpose & Priority

When we are clear about what we value, we have an opportunity to create what professional certified life coach Rosemarie calls a life well-loved.

By focusing on what really MATTERS to YOU, you are able to identify what strengthens your personal well-being, supports your growth, and gives you purpose. This deck will help you explore and bring clarity to what's most important. Become more intentional in your thoughts, words, actions, decisions, and the way you lead.

60-card deck of values cards in a digital box with fun, insightful questions for you to ValuesJam. Includes instruction leaflet.

Walking with the Grandmothers

By: Gaynor Beck

Genre: Learning & Coaching

The cards presented here in this deck are the Codes & Activations given in the form of Symbols and Words from the Grandmothers. They are designed to gently shift limiting structures within the Self.
Always the goal is to uncover from the depth within, the Truth of our Unique Souls.


By: Todd Turner

Genre: Learning & Coaching

Wash-a-Pig cards contain prompts for products, services, target audiences, and writing styles. Mix and match What cards with Who or How cards to generate your "Creative Brief." Then write. Forget work for a minute and let your brain play. You'll be a faster, more productive, and a more creative person for it.

Ways of Being

By: Stefanie Tocco

Genre: Learning & Coaching

The deck includes 24 life skill concepts each with an interactive activity, meditation and breathing exercises and parent/teacher cards. With skills ranging from Kindness and Patience to Courage and Compassion, the activities are simple and fun, and inspire positive character building for everyone involved.