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Selves in a Box

By: J Tamar Stone

Genre: Purpose & Priority

Most of us think of ourselves as a unified whole. But we are actually composed of multiple inner aspects called Selves.

Our Selves are the many “voices in our head,” the parts of us that constantly vie for our attention. When out of balance, these Selves take over the wheel of our inner car and steer us away from our essential nature. When in balance, these Selves offer their unique feelings, thoughts, and opinions to help us live authentically.

Beginning to understand our Selves is like learning a new language. This language allows us to know ourselves with greater understanding, objectivity, and compassion. It is also a powerful tool to enrich our relationships with others.

Sneakerfish Classic

By: Sneakerfish

Genre: Learning & Coaching

This card deck is designed around six core creative thinking techniques. Each technique has eight inspiration and provocation cards that ignite synapses and provide fresh perspective. Bring your opportunity or challenge to the table and use the prompts from these cards to surface new ideas and approaches.

Sneakerfish Inspired by Nature

By: Sneakerfish

Genre: Learning & Coaching

Look to Nature to develop ideas and inspirations for problem solving and innovating. This creative thinking card deck helps you link processes, behaviours and systems existing in nature to apply or adapt to your own area for improvement or ideation.

Social Balance Planning Card Deck

By: Yamilette "Dr. Yam" Williams

Genre: People Of Color

Your social media solved!
The Social Balance Planning Card Deck was created to help you strategically plan your content to improve your social presence and grow your target audience relationship. Using 6 proven categories your week, month, and year of the right content to educate and engage is a no-brainer.

One deck of 50 cards
⭐ Six unique suites
⭐ 48 strategies
⭐ A million possibilities to plan your social media content and have fun doing it!

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Card Deck

By: Lisa Weed Phifer, DEd, NCSP

Genre: Therapy

Designed for kids ages 8–12, the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Card Deck provides teachers, parents, and therapists with 55 engaging and fun activities that teach the five key elements of SEL:

Self-management: Handling emotions in healthy ways

Thinking about others: Building empathy and understanding of others

Self-awareness: Identifying emotions, thoughts, and values important to you

Relationship skills: Working together to solve problems
Responsible thinking: Using tools to guide decision-making

With the SEL Card Deck, kids will have the tools they need to manage big feelings, develop empathy for others, and make good decisions.

Subtle Activism Card Deck

By: David Spangler

Genre: Oracle

This Subtle Activism Manual and Card Deck is the fourth card deck designed by David Spangler. All have these things in common.
1. They are all educational, designed to illustrate a process rather than only to provide a means for gaining oracular information.
2. They all use a similar structure. Each is really two decks, one to create a field of consciousness and energy and the second to play off that field to achieve the objective of the deck.
3. And all were gifts from the subtle realms. They all emerged from a design shown to David while in contact with a non-physical allies where the basic structure of the deck and how to use it was presented as a “download” of information and vision.
This manual and the card deck it supports emerged out of a desire on the part of David Spangler and his non-physical colleagues to provide a tool to help facilitate contributing one’s subtle energies and qualities in blessing and service to the world at a time of need. Although this deck has oracular capabilities, it does more than simply to provide information about ourselves or our future. What is particularly true for this Subtle Activism card deck is that, like the others, it derives from the vision that each of us is a generative source of spiritual power, capable of entering into partnership and collaboration with the spirit of the world to bring greater wholeness into our lives and into the life of the planet. This Subtle Activism manual and card deck was illustrated by Jeremy Berg and consists of a PDF manual, and forty cards.

The Blog Post Inspiration Deck

By: Renae Gregoire

Genre: Business

Staying connected to your audience requires a steady stream of content—blog posts, videos, social posts. The Blog Post Inspiration Deck's three categories of 20 cards each—20 TYPE cards, 20 TOPIC cards, and 20 VIBE cards—will feed your creativity and spark your inspiration with 20 x 20 x 20 (or 8,000!) unique content ideas, enough to create a new piece of content each day for the next 22 years! Get started right away with an integrated guidebook, which provides detailed descriptions of each TYPE, TOPIC, and VIBE, plus examples of how to use each one to dream up content ideas your audience will love.

The CBT Deck for Clients and Therapists

By: Seth Gillihan, PhD

Genre: Learning & Coaching

Reduce stress in your life with practical, action-oriented, and mindfulness tools to quickly build positive emotions in your life. The 101 practices will help you:
The CBT Deck will help you:
- Calm and redirect your thoughts
- Overcome self-limiting beliefs
- Choose actions that build the life you want
- Be more connected and engaged in the present moment

The DBT Deck for Clients & Therapists

By: Lane Pederson, PsyD, LP, DBTC

Genre: Learning & Coaching

Filled with tips, ideas, calls to action, and brief exercises, these cards will be a daily go-to as you learn skills needed to enjoy the ups - and navigate the downs - of real-world life. And best yet, because skills take repeated practice, you cannot outgrow this deck, you can only grow with it!

  • Coping strategies
  • Tools to accept change
  • Self-Soothing practices
  • Increase self-respect
  • Conflict resolution tips

The Empathy Edge

By: Maria Ross

Genre: Purpose & Priority

Furious customers? Missed deadlines? Failed products? The problems your business faces may stem from a single issue: lack of empathy.

Being empathetic at work means seeing the situation from another’s perspective, and using that vantage point to shape your leadership style, workplace culture, and branding strategy. Pairing her knowledge as a branding expert with proven research and fascinating stories from executives, change-makers and community leaders, Maria Ross reveals exactly how empathy makes brands and organizations stronger and more successful.

Ross shows why your business needs to cultivate more empathy now, and shares the habits and traits of empathetic leaders who foster more productivity and loyalty. She gives practical tips, big and small, for how to align your mission and values and hire the right people, cultivating a more empathetic—and innovative—workplace culture. Finally, she gives you the goods on building your empathetic brand in an authentic and proactive way, and shows how doing so results in happier customers, innovative work cultures and increased profits.

In this card deck version of the acclaimed playbook for businesses of all types, Maria Ross proves that empathy is not just good for society—it’s great for business, and may transform you at a personal level, too.

The Gift Horse

By: Sarah Le-Fevre

Genre: Social Games

A game of self-discovery and reflection, suitable for use by individuals, but also by coaches and facilitators working with groups or individuals.

The game is co-created by players in play, and invites modification of rules and mechanics to create an experience to suit all needs. Can be played in discrete sessions, or as a regular practice embedded in everyday life.