Life Cards


Your brain is a powerful tool. Play LIFE CARDS to program your brain with new software. Think better, faster and more creatively.

Entirely an original concept, designed, developed and successfully play tested over many years, now presented in a handy deck of cards.

Our way of thinking is a habit. A groove in the brain if you like, that is the brain’s preferred route.
Imaging a thought being like running water that creates a course. It always takes the same path, and the longer you think the same way, the deeper the channel gets.

Eventually the thought cannot escape and becomes a habit.

However studies have shown that our brains are actually quite malleable and that there are ways of creating new pathways.

Life cards give you the opportunity to turn the Current View of the Situation into a Better View of the Situation.

“Hewitt-Gleeson referred to CVS 2 BVS as the “universal software.” What does this term mean? Simply put: Whatever the current view of the situation (CVS), there is always a better view of the situation (BVS) — if one only looks for it. “The universal brain software allows the brain user to switch from one parallel universe to another,” or from the current view to a better view.”

Basically meaning that if you always do what you’ve always done, don’t expect the outcome to be any different and that a new or better view can often deliver a better outcome.

Playing life cards, you will soon discover that with practice, your brain can adapt and begin to look for new pathways all by itself.

Playing life cards will encourage your brain to do what you want it to by deliberately distracting it with a new task or idea.

Life cards are easy and fun to play, loaded with positive intent and motivational concepts.


Osca Armstrong

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