Stoic Challenge Cards (Deck)


This Stoic Card Deck contains 52 exercises inspired by Stoic Philosophy from Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, and Epictetus, aimed at elevating your life to another level. These daily Stoic cards are tailored for practicing Stoics and individuals seeking self-discovery.

The Stoic Training Card Set comprises 52 actionable challenges, rooted in timeless wisdom drawn from Stoic Philosophy. These challenges are crafted to liberate you from unnecessary obligations and foster tranquility and purpose in your journey.

These Daily Self-Growth Cards are designed to enhance your Stoic knowledge, training, and understanding. Each card offers a reflective exercise based on Stoic principles, serving as a catalyst for a happier, more peaceful, and more meaningful life.

Select a card randomly and engage with it at your own pace; it doesn't have to be daily or weekly to derive benefit.


Stoic People

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