Richual - Your Relationship Ritual


Richual is your intimacy wing wo/man, facilitating conscious conversations between you and your beloved to deepen and grow your understanding of yourselves and each other.

This card deck consists of 108 question cards designed to foster a practice of creating regular moments of deeper connection and intimacy in romantic relationships with fun and ease.

Open, loving and curious inquiry is key to living in a healthy and fulfilling relationship. Sometimes we just need a prompt to get going.

Richual is for you & your beloved if you desire to:

• Bring more presence and purpose to your relationship
• Have fun while discovering fresh new ways of relating to your beloved
• Build deeper levels of trust and emotional intimacy
• Get clear on where you’re headed in your relationship
• Uncover what each person needs and values in relationship
• Explore sacred rituals to inspire heart centred sharing.

5 Categories to suit your date & mood:

• Fun - Warm up questions to ease into things
• Open - Find out how they really feel about you & important things in life
• Deeper - More intimate questions to really get to know them
• Closer - Open your hearts to each other
• Desire - Increase play and pleasure.

Who is Richual for?

This card deck is designed for couples at various stages - from those forming a new relationship to those seeking to rekindle the spark, and for anyone committed to continuous growth.

To begin your journey, all you need to do is open your heart to the magic!

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