Welcome to this very special intuitive deck of LOVINGKINDNESSES — companion to the award-winning illustrated book, THE CHILD PROPHET — and to the experiences and truths, this tool reveals.

The iconic symbols and energies from spirit and science come through love and serve listening to Source and your intuition. They are a holistic means with which to illuminate your inner voice. Each symbol is rooted in time and space, so each has a powerful vibration familiar to your spiritual essence, and each is easy to wield.

While this deck contains many symbols, the title word LOVINGKINDNESSES is also rich meaning: affection, mercy, reverence, grace, and behavior that expresses love. In Buddhism, it signifies unconditional benevolence to all beings.

LOVINGKINDNESSES has 16 letters. The number 16 symbolizes introspection, wholeness, and completion; it is double purity, kindness, and luck. The esoteric meaning of 16 is that new knowledge is acquired, and there will be opportunities to use it. Sixteen is also the symbol of love and loving in the Bible, and it is the “duality of true love.” In numerology, 1+6=7 and seven convey the responsibility to listen to your inner voice.

There are 67 symbol cards in the deck. 67 is a magical number meaning that your angels are near and ready to help you realize your higher purpose in this earthly life experience.

About the LOVINGKINDNESSES cards and how to use them:

Your intuition is the key to using this deck. First, have a clear intention. Shuffle. Then draw and lay out the cards and interpret them and the message each offers. The symbol on each card is ancient and full of energy and meaning that transcends. Each is innate and speaks on a deeper level with the soul. Each came from Source through meditation and journeying. And messages from Sources come with each symbol to help translate them.

There are four faces on each card:
1) in gold - the symbol, with the name of the card and a few keywords
2) in rose - a deeper derivation of the symbol, a direct message from the inner child – Source
3) in silver - the divination
4/ in blue - related actions you can take


Renee Topper