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Random Acts of Nonsense - I

By: Lesley Graney

Genre: Mindfulness

52 acts in a pack of playing cards. Two years in the making, now available from the shop, and all designed to let you get a little bit of RAON in your life whilst at home with the family! Choose an act which offers a little Dazzle, Dance & Dare, or Words, Whizz & Wonder, or Songs, Snap & Sizzle, or just pick something at random!

Random Rivals - Random Acts of Nonsense

By: Lesley Graney

Genre: Kids & Parenting

36 cards

Sneakerfish Inspired by Nature

By: Sneakerfish

Genre: Purpose & Priority

Look to Nature to develop ideas and inspirations for problem solving and innovating. This creative thinking card deck helps you link processes, behaviours and systems existing in nature to apply or adapt to your own area for improvement or ideation.

Social Balance Planning Card Deck

By: Yamilette "Dr. Yam" Williams

Genre: Business

Your social media solved!
The Social Balance Planning Card Deck was created to help you strategically plan your content to improve your social presence and grow your target audience relationship. Using 6 proven categories your week, month, and year of the right content to educate and engage is a no-brainer.

One deck of 50 cards
⭐ Six unique suites
⭐ 48 strategies
⭐ A million possibilities to plan your social media content and have fun doing it!

Startup Priorities

By: Matt Ballantine

Genre: Business

The Blog Post Inspiration Deck

By: Renae Gregoire

Genre: Business

Staying connected to your audience requires a steady stream of content—blog posts, videos, social posts. The Blog Post Inspiration Deck's three categories of 20 cards each—20 TYPE cards, 20 TOPIC cards, and 20 VIBE cards—will feed your creativity and spark your inspiration with 20 x 20 x 20 (or 8,000!) unique content ideas, enough to create a new piece of content each day for the next 22 years! Get started right away with an integrated guidebook, which provides detailed descriptions of each TYPE, TOPIC, and VIBE, plus examples of how to use each one to dream up content ideas your audience will love.

The Meeting Spicer (EN)


Genre: Brainstorming & Ideation

What if 30 seconds at the beginning of the meeting and 30 seconds at the end were enough to make them more efficient?

The Museum of Impossible Objects

By: Sarah Le-Fevre

Genre: Learning & Coaching

Take the magic of the museum's collection home with you, with this deck of some of the star exhibits. A game for a storytelling session, to generate ideas for speculative fiction, or to think about some of life's ethical dilemmas through a weird fiction lens. Think 'Scruples' but with added Lovecraft.

Play just for fun, or use for facilitated sessions and workshops.

The Ownership Spicer

By: Dov TSAL

Genre: Brainstorming & Ideation

Who's responsibility is it to write the document? to do the dishes? to handle the case? here is the perfect way to define it!

The Poetry LAB Deck

By: Mary Tinucci, LICSW, DSW

Genre: Kids & Parenting

The Poetry LAB was a youth poetry group program developed by Mary Tinucci, who was a social worker in St. Paul Public Schools in St. Paul, MN. The Poetry LAB existed from 2004-2014. This deck emerged and evolved from that program.

The first 6 cards in this deck provide an overview of the mission of The Poetry LAB group model & instructions/guidance for Poetry LAB group facilitators. The remaining 44 cards are writing prompts for the beginning, middle, & ending stages of The Poetry LAB group experience.

A facilitator could use this digital Poetry LAB Prompt Deck (or the physical version of this Poetry LAB Prompt Deck) to guide the writing focus for each group. Allow youth participants to choose writing prompts from the Prompt Deck!

Strategically building a winning organization culture can be as easy as sorting through a deck of cards.

The beautifully designed card deck outlines an integrated system of 81 values that is easy to comprehend, and it gives managers and team leaders a concrete tool they can use to begin crafting their team into a vibrant and attractive place to work.

The SHIFT card deck is an effective tool that helps Leaders & Managers take charge of and shape the organizational culture of their teams.

Transform Deck

By: Terry Pearce

Genre: Brainstorming & Ideation

A practical tool to inspire you to transform learning content into engaging activities, curated from twenty years of learning design experience. Each of the 45 activity cards represents a way to turn content into engaging activities. Plus, seven method cards give you ways to combine, lay out, and play. Whatever sort of learning you create, the transform deck will help you make memorable, enjoyable and effective experiences.