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Values on Prescription

By: Kerry J Miller

Genre: Humor

The prescriptions found herein will make you smarter, happier, funnier, sexier, richer and every other nonsense promise you can imagine (results may vary – no money back guarantee).

Skillfully crafted with 52 prescribed values to inspire a year’s worth of weekly reflections on living life according to your values, prescribed medications, the universe and everything. And once you’ve spent a week with a card your wisdom can be gifted to a friend, so you have 52 gifts, or maybe 52 fronts for 52 thought provoking hand made cards? Bargain. It’s also great fun values bombing them around town.


By: Love

Genre: Spirituality

Mother and Daughter team, Love and Simone, designed this deck as a way to deliver messages to all the womxn of the world.

An inclusive deck, WOMXN explores the themes of being a feminine energy person of any walk of life and the ups and downs of that experience.

This is a great affirmation deck for those transitioning, looking to connect with their feminine side, or wanting to get in touch with their inner woman.

This deck is great to use with clients as well to discover what main themes show up in their lives.

As well as including differently abled pictures, different races, and different body types this deck does it's best to understand the main feelings and themes of being a womxn in this day and age.