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Peek One

By: Evan Raskob

Genre: Social Games

Peek One (years 2020-2040), first half of the Peek series. A speculative/science fiction card game that is also an ideation and storytelling tool. Great in workshops and classrooms. Combine with other design or ideation or futuring decks, or play with friends! With original art by Paris Salinas, Katie Rose Johnston and Evan Raskob.

Random Acts of Nonsense - I

By: Lesley Graney

Genre: Social Games

52 acts in a pack of playing cards. Two years in the making, now available from the shop, and all designed to let you get a little bit of RAON in your life whilst at home with the family! Choose an act which offers a little Dazzle, Dance & Dare, or Words, Whizz & Wonder, or Songs, Snap & Sizzle, or just pick something at random!

Random Rivals - Random Acts of Nonsense

By: Lesley Graney

Genre: Kids & Parenting

36 cards

Soul Adventure ™ Game

By: Lorree Appleby

Genre: Relationships

The Soul Adventure™ Journey to the Real Me Game is a simple and fun daily practice to access your true nature to raise up and BE who you have always aspired to be.

Strengthen your intuition to receive clearer internal guidance for clarity and support - stop looking outside of yourself for answers.

Improve your relationships with yourself and others as you identify and release old patterns and access your power within.

Build the daily habit of self-care by playing with these high vibrational cards and be prompted to take inspired action towards what you truly desire.

Play for just 10 minutes a day to transform your life and fulfill your Soul Adventure™!

The Adventure Deck

By: Bird & Bloom

Genre: Mindfulness

For us, ‘Adventure Days’ have been an essential part of our lives for the last few years and we wanted to come up with a way to share that experience. The Adventure Deck is a game of intuition and pushing the bounds of what you already know. Learn to trust your gut, explore new things, break from your routine, and embrace your surroundings. A hybrid between an interactive card game and a spiritual deck, with elements to use in whatever capacity you see fit for yourself. You can take the cards literally and set out to do whatever they say or you can take the symbolic words for inspiration. This deck consists of 70 uniquely designed action cards & 6 blank cards to make the deck your own. The action cards are split into nine categories: Compass, Setting, Time of Day, Potions, Nibbles, Animals, Plant Life, Activities, and Treasures. Each action card has a suggested use, 3-4 words that represent the card, a description, and an image.

The Gift Horse

By: Sarah Le-Fevre

Genre: Social Games

A game of self-discovery and reflection, suitable for use by individuals, but also by coaches and facilitators working with groups or individuals.

The game is co-created by players in play, and invites modification of rules and mechanics to create an experience to suit all needs. Can be played in discrete sessions, or as a regular practice embedded in everyday life.

The Meeting Spicer (EN)


Genre: Social Games

What if 30 seconds at the beginning of the meeting and 30 seconds at the end were enough to make them more efficient?

The Museum of Impossible Objects

By: Sarah Le-Fevre

Genre: Learning & Coaching

Take the magic of the museum's collection home with you, with this deck of some of the star exhibits. A game for a storytelling session, to generate ideas for speculative fiction, or to think about some of life's ethical dilemmas through a weird fiction lens. Think 'Scruples' but with added Lovecraft.

Play just for fun, or use for facilitated sessions and workshops.

The Ownership Spicer

By: Dov TSAL

Genre: Business

Who's responsibility is it to write the document? to do the dishes? to handle the case? here is the perfect way to define it!

Tiny Library

By: Long Tail Games

Genre: Social Games

Tiny Library is a box of 50 single-card RPGs from dozens of different creators.

Each card is a unique design representing a distinct vision.

Players will...

quaff mysterious potions with magical effects...
test their Nerves, Toughness and Savvy in a most dangerous race...
visit The Twin Towns on the Sea...
and so (so) much more.

60-card deck of values cards in a digital box with fun, insightful questions for you to ValuesJam. Includes instruction leaflet.


By: Todd Turner

Genre: Brainstorming & Ideation

Wash-a-Pig cards contain prompts for products, services, target audiences, and writing styles. Mix and match What cards with Who or How cards to generate your "Creative Brief." Then write. Forget work for a minute and let your brain play. You'll be a faster, more productive, and a more creative person for it.