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Stepmom's Boundaries Card Deck

By: Claudette Chenevert - The Stepmom Coach

Genre: Kids & Parenting

Boundaries make us less tense, happier and more secure.

They’re also one of the few things about stepfamily life we can control.

The Stepmom’s Book of Boundaries companion card deck—created by a stepmom for stepmoms and their families—makes it fun and easy to reach higher ground and take control over how your white picket fence dream plays out.

Some cards focus on you, others focus on partnership. Others still suggest ways you can get your (step-)children involved.

No matter what, your goal is to: Consider, talk about and set limits that’ll work well in your home.

Just like The Stepmom’s Book of Boundaries itself, each of the (52) cards in Claudette Chenevert’s artfully-designed deck plays a role in helping you set limits which you, your partner and the kids will benefit from. The best way to approach it? Keep an open mind, playfully exploring your views on all aspects of stepfamily life!

Multiple ways to play give you ample opportunity to learn and practice skills which will benefit you always. Yet, why bother?

Let’s ask Claudette: “Whenever a ‘situation’ arose, Bernard and I would have a couple’s meeting and take that time to talk about what the real issue was. What we fought or disagreed over always came back to a need for boundaries—clearly defined boundaries. So, one day, we wrote them out.”

They then sealed that list with a kiss and signed it, agreeing to help one another live their best lives.

Thus, the card deck was born! Each card touches on a different topic, helping you launch a discussion with yourself, your partner and/or the kids. There are (52) cards total: one for each week of the year.

But use them anytime to start a conversation or independently reflect on issues you’re tired of rehashing without resolving.

The Poetry LAB Deck

By: Mary Tinucci, LICSW, DSW

Genre: Kids & Parenting

The Poetry LAB was a youth poetry group program developed by Mary Tinucci, who was a social worker in St. Paul Public Schools in St. Paul, MN. The Poetry LAB existed from 2004-2014. This deck emerged and evolved from that program.

The first 6 cards in this deck provide an overview of the mission of The Poetry LAB group model & instructions/guidance for Poetry LAB group facilitators. The remaining 44 cards are writing prompts for the beginning, middle, & ending stages of The Poetry LAB group experience.

A facilitator could use this digital Poetry LAB Prompt Deck (or the physical version of this Poetry LAB Prompt Deck) to guide the writing focus for each group. Allow youth participants to choose writing prompts from the Prompt Deck!

Ways of Being

By: Stefanie Tocco

Genre: Mindfulness

The deck includes 24 life skill concepts each with an interactive activity, meditation and breathing exercises and parent/teacher cards. With skills ranging from Kindness and Patience to Courage and Compassion, the activities are simple and fun, and inspire positive character building for everyone involved.

Who Am I? Epic Affirmations for Awesome Kids

By: Alexis Christine Wild, Aprilia V, E.V.

Genre: Kids & Parenting

Remind your kids (or yourself!) who you are with this set of positive affirmation cards. Positive affirmations help us to be our best self - good, enough, loved, safe, magical!