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I am Fertile

By: Katy Smith

Genre: Kids & Parenting

Affirmations can be so helpful wherever you are on your fertility journey. This deck contains 55 beautiful affirmations to support you on your way to motherhood. Be it through natural conception, IUI, IVF or FET.

Kids Coping Skills

By: Beth Tellez

Genre: Kids & Parenting

Just like grownups, kids need appropriate ways to express, cope, and manage their thoughts and feelings.

Healthy coping mechanisms can be learned fairly quickly and utilized almost anywhere.

Sometimes our feelings get big, really big. Sometimes our thoughts are like a runaway train.
Kid's Coping Cards provide effective strategies to help children cope with natural emotions in a super healthy way.

An ideation deck for deck lovers. 42 ideas to launch your Deckible experience.

If you are a creator or a deck lover, this deck is an inspiration.

Life Out Proud

By: Mary Tinucci, LICSW, DSW

Genre: LGBTIA+

Use these cards to:

  1. support practices for well-being
  2. support self-care
  3. guide & foster group discussion
  4. spark conversation with friends
  5. focus on self-reflection
  6. to choose journaling prompts

Mama Pause - Affirmations for a Joyful + Peaceful Day

By: Alexis Christine Wild

Genre: Kids & Parenting

Mama, you've got this! Take a pause and breath in knowing that you are the exact parent your little one needs - you are doing a great job.

Parenting Archetype Styles

By: Robin Quinn Keehn

Genre: Kids & Parenting

You have a unique way of parenting based on your Parenting Archetype Style. Take our free Quiz and then get meaningful insights into your parenting style. Discover your strengths, challenges, and opportunities. Deck includes 72 beautiful cards.

Pregnancy Pause - Affirmations for a Joyful + Peaceful Journey

By: Alexis Christine Wild

Genre: Mindfulness

Your body is doing amazing things... and so are you! Pregnancy Pause is a deck of affirmations to remind you that you really can trust and lean into this amazing experience of pregnancy!

Raising Quit Proof Kids

By: Robin Quinn Keehn

Genre: Kids & Parenting

Enjoy 70 cards that will give you insights and inspiration for parenting with more awareness & presence.

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Card Deck

By: Lisa Weed Phifer, DEd, NCSP

Genre: Kids & Parenting

Designed for kids ages 8–12, the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Card Deck provides teachers, parents, and therapists with 55 engaging and fun activities that teach the five key elements of SEL:

Self-management: Handling emotions in healthy ways

Thinking about others: Building empathy and understanding of others

Self-awareness: Identifying emotions, thoughts, and values important to you

Relationship skills: Working together to solve problems
Responsible thinking: Using tools to guide decision-making

With the SEL Card Deck, kids will have the tools they need to manage big feelings, develop empathy for others, and make good decisions.