Conceived in Love


The 42 cards in this deck were created to be used during the year of a pregnancy and birth. They have been designed as a thought-provoking tool to enhance your wellness during pregnancy and birth as well as the relationship with your baby.
It is suggested that they be used on a weekly (or more frequent) basis. Shuffling the deck and then choosing a card at random will provide a message for you to reflect on during the period of time until your next session with the cards.
The unique Seed or Flower of Life design on each card and coloring page is an original meditative drawing. These designs have been paired with inspired words and affirmations that include your baby in the intention. Click on the “Bonus Content” button for the card to get a PDF file (or take a screenshot of the coloring face) and print it out so that you can do a coloring meditation at your leisure. Use the Deckible app to journal your thoughts as you go through this process. It is hoped that meditating on these messages will strengthen the bond with your baby and provide a lifetime of connection.
Although the physical deck can stand alone, it was designed to be used as a companion piece with the “Conceived in Love Coloring Meditation Journal”. Both the physical card deck and companion journal can be purchased through the accompanying link. To use the cards and book together, first pick a card at random. Then find the corresponding coloring and journal meditation in the book. Spend a little time each day coloring the design while reflecting on the word and journaling prompt. Jot down any thoughts on the accompanying journal page. Once filled with your colored designs and thoughts about your journey, this book will become a treasured keepsake that you can share with your baby and family for years to come!

This is a digital version of the deck. To access after purchase install the Deckible app for IOS or Android.

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