GoCards - Exercise Playing Cards (Deck)


Welcome to GoCards! - Exercise Playing Cards

GoCards are no ordinary playing cards. They contain a variety of interactive exercise images to stimulate movement, variety, and collaboration.

They are a great tool for parents, teachers, trainers, and individuals on the go looking to explore new movements and create a fun workout.

No equipment is required.

Here is how they work:

Each suit is broken up into its own category:

Spades - Legs
Diamonds - Core
Hearts - Push/Pull
Clubs - Agility

Each card represents a unique exercise related to its suit.

A player will select at least one card from each of the above suits. This will create a group of exercises to target your entire body. With this group of exercises, the player will proceed to perform each exercise for a chosen number of reps and sets.

Draw additional cards to create a new group of exercises and extend the length of your workout!


Colton Schock

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