Earth Angels, Kids Oracle Cards


How can Earth Angels Kids Oracle Cards help your child daily?

Start each day by choosing an Earth Angel card to implement positive, healthy and happy feelings.
These cards empower and will give your kids the understanding to manage their mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
As well as: -
*Growth Mindset *Spiritual Awareness *Confidence *Self-belief
*Positive thinking *Inner Peace *Healthy Habits
*Good Friendships *Self Love

I personally absolutely love oracle cards. They offer me guidance when I am struggling to listen, to make the right choice for me.
For a long time I have been looking for kids oracle cards that would not only provide guidance but educate kids on a spiritual level.

These magical cards will teach your child all the goodness of energy, angels, feelings, intuition, inner peace, and how to connect with their wisdom and guidance.

What's included
•44 beautifully illustrated cards with an affirmation.
•The guidebook offers insight on each card and a fun activity to offer further understanding.

Yes that is 44 activities to keep your child and friends happy, connected and immersed creatively, physically and spiritually.
Kids will love playing on their own or with friends, learning about angels, chakra's, spirit guides, animals, their intuition whilst nurturing a happy heart and calm mind.

Suitable for 5 years and up

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