Daily Charms of Calm


Welcome to the calming experience of our Daily Charms of Calm Deck, designed especially for the curious souls open to change.

This 28 card tapping deck draws upon the carefully selected keywords associated with seven chakras to inspire calming Emotional Freedom Technique tapping meditations.

Through imagery, words and tapping audio, this deck invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and calm empowerment. This deck will help you to unlock inner peace and strength.

Each card acts as a beacon, guiding you toward a deeper understanding of your own resilience, creativity, compassion, and personal power.

*Includes FREE Journal of Calm on purchase! *

Embrace the wonders of the chakras and harness transformative energy through tapping to calm your nervous system and find balance, peace, and the strength to navigate life’s journey with grace.

The deck includes: beautiful imagery, journal prompts, easy to follow and powerful EFT tapping scripts and audio along with charming affirmations.

Do not try to treat medical or mental health issues using this deck. It is intended to help relaxation and to stimulate positive feelings.

Find out more about EFT tapping: http://www.tapintoyou.co.uk


Sarah Gorev

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