Daily Jolts Of Joy


Society seems to teach us that, to be successful, we have to be everything to everyone, busy and tired, and all with a smile - but life experiences can dim our lights and mask how we are really feeling.
By choosing positivity and purpose, we can unlock our ability to attract and be receptive to opportunities for fun and fulfilment.

Let's shake up the routine, rewrite the story, and inject dynamic energy into your journey.

This innovative tapping deck draws on 7 character archetypes as a way to embody desirable character strengths and empowering feelings. It includes: 28 beautiful inspiring images, journal prompts, powerful EFT tapping scripts with audio and affirmations.

Do not try to treat medical or mental health issues using this deck. It is intended to help relaxation and to stimulate positive feelings.

Find out more about EFT tapping: http://www.tapintoyou.co.uk


Sarah Gorev

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