Embracing Intuition Affirmation Cards


You've always been a little different. Your intuitive or psychic gifts set you apart. You know things others don't know and receive signs and messages that others don't recognize. It can be a difficult path.

As an extremely psychic-sensitive child, I learned that I shouldn't talk about the spirits I saw, the feelings I had, or the things I knew. I had nobody to talk to--nobody in my family had powers--no mentors. Nothing. I had to figure out a LOT by myself. I embraced my abilities and used them essentially in secret for a long time.

I'm an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person, in case you haven't seen that term), empath, clair, medium, animal communicator...and on it goes.

Now I love teaching psychically gifted people to help you connect with the divinity of yourself as you discover how to trust, embrace, and grow your abilities.

These affirmation cards help you do all that and more. Draw a card. Read and speak the affirmation aloud. Meditate and journal about it.

You may notice feelings coming up--maybe self-doubt, or imposter syndrome, or wondering whether your gifts are real. But you're not an imposter and your gifts ARE real. You have them for a reason.

Give yourself a hug and begin your journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-love.

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