The Cosmic Oracle


Introducing "The Cosmic Oracle" - an ethereal journey through divine symbolism sculpted in the timeless language of flowers, moons, and goddesses. This deck is a celestial celebration where the mysteries of the cosmos intertwine harmoniously with the delicate beauty of earthly blooms.

Every card is a unique masterpiece, bathed in the soft glimmer of gold gilding that reflects the warm radiance of celestial bodies. The lyrical interplay of lunar silhouettes, the organic elegance of floral motifs, and the empowering symbolism of goddess images create a tangible connection to the divine energy that pulsates through the universe. Each card, thoughtfully and meticulously designed by a professional Tarot reader, holds a universe within itself - an invitation to access the boundless wisdom of the cosmos.

Adding this oracle deck to your daily routine or integrating it with a Tarot reading can ignite a new level of interpretative depth and potency. Each card also comes adorned with its own key word - a curated selection of powerful, transformative intentions to guide you through your spiritual quest. Use these cards as your daily theme, allowing the key word to imbue your actions, thoughts, and decisions with celestial energy, and to illuminate the path of self-discovery with its light.

"The Cosmic Oracle" is not just a deck of cards - it’s an exquisite tool and companion inviting you to dance with the divine and perceive the invisible rhythm of the Universe. Use it to delve into the magical realms hidden within the everyday landscape, and to unveil truths you were always meant to discover. Here begins your sacred journey of connection, growth and transformation with "The Cosmic Oracle."


Avalon Kisbey

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