Cascades Oracle Deck


This oracle was conceived in 2020, during the lockdown brought about by the Covid 19 virus.

Nothing else could have presented a better opportunity for focusing so intently on a new divination project.

I used a series of collages created on A4 paper from which a smaller number was selected, then the titles and divination messages were compiled.

This deck is mostly intended as a tool for anyone who may be ’stuck’ in some way, and the titles and short sentences are intended to help the querent think more laterally, in order to find a creative solution, much in the spirit of a tool such as Oblique Strategies, though this was not necessarily the intention of this compiler to begin with.

Forty pieces of marbled collages were chosen as the artwork, and it is hoped the that colour and patterning within each work will stimulate the mind of both querent and reader.

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