Rejuvenate (Volume 1)


Rejuvenate volume 1 is the first set of 8 cards in a series of 8. The deck includes 8 powerful images featuring the beautiful and intricate art by Lilly. Each image has a further 5 sides, 1 is the back and the other 4 some wisdom and inspirational thoughts that can help guide the participant on matters of their health and wellbeing, clearing energy to reboot and rejuvenate the system!your The first volume of 8 contains 8 power packed pathways forward through any blocks or imbalances in our energy and towards a happier and healthier you. You receive guidance and advice and also are encouraged to delve into your own creative relationship and journey with these richly filled images in the cards.
Why 8? It is a magical number of infinite possibilities and here it is the 7 energy centres and the 8 the embodiment of all omnipresent, Spirit, God whatever you like to call this mystical force and connection.


Lilly Lavande

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