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Why Intuitive Oracle Cards? There are many ways to interpret all Tarot and fortune-telling cards. Research indicates that there are at least as many systems of interpretation as there are fortune tellers.

Intuition, from the Latin in-tueor, means insight or sudden understanding: the ability to gain knowledge without conscious thought. We can therefore say that it is the ability to somehow capture truth and a special form of cognitive activity that is independent of rational process and logical judgment.
Philosopher and Nobel Prize winner H. Bergson wrote: “In the old world, introspection was actually the main means of exploring the world, where the world as a small world (microcosm) corresponded to the big world (macrocosm).”
B. Spinoza considered intuition to be a third kind of knowledge, the most credible and important, capturing the essence of things.
C. G. Jung called intuition the “noble ability of man” seeing it as unconscious perception.
For instance, 37 out of 72 Nobel laureates see the result of scientific intuition as “finding or following a path”.
Bergson bases himself upon the fact that true reality cannot be represented by mere sensory perception and rational definitions, because the intellect tries to squeeze it into rigid definitions and formulae, and in doing so misleads us. The path to reality is inner vision, intuition, a kind of merger of the intellect with instinct. We thus recognize ourselves as well as the essence of the entire world as a continuous act, and the constant effort of life’s driving force (élan vital) to achieve new, always better forms.
For the old world, intuition was a quite normal means of gaining knowledge, one from which the contemporary world is quite distant. The problems of today’s world clearly indicate that it is short-sighted to underestimate man’s spiritual potential.
Man’s autonomous spiritual forces, especially intuition, have great importance.

Intuitive Card Reading
Analytic thinking can be characterized as evidence-based logical thinking that can be verbalized. Its antithesis, intuitive thinking, is automatic, cannot be verbalized, and is mostly subconscious.
To facilitate understanding, we can replace the word “subconscious” with “soul”. Sigmund Freud first used the expression “subconscious” in place of “soul” to accommodate rationalists and scientists to whom the word “soul” was suspicious, as it reeked of mysticism and religion.
According to C. G. Jung, fortune-telling methods, including card reading, can be explained by the synchronicity principle.
The cards are perceived as a “projection screen” for the subconscious, which contains the person’s momentary emotional state, which is symbolically projected on a specific card.
Thanks to their ambiguity and indeterminacy, images and symbols can express life’s complexity much more clearly than dozens of words and definitions. They make it possible to break down a seemingly complicated problem into individual elements in which a solution can then be found.
The cards will allow you to listen to your subconscious and intuition. They will help you solve problems that you often experience, when you are unable to decide, leading to internal imbalance and stress. Your brain wants something, yet at the same time you subconsciously feel something entirely different.
Listening to and discovering internal advice through intuition helps create harmony in your body and soul.

The Exceptional Nature of Cards
We are convinced that by remembering and learning the meanings of individual cards, you deprive yourself of the ability to create a personal and intuitive connection with the cards, and thus lose the opportunity to achieve deeper spiritual wisdom.
This is why we created cards that upon examination of individual images will open the door to deep, internal wisdom and will thus allow you to access to your subconscious.
Through the harmony of stories, motifs, images, and symbols on our cards, you will very quickly be able to open your intuitive perception and the path to internal advice.
Our cards will allow you to interpret your intuition’s message by mediating communication with the topmost layer of consciousness, which thanks to its proximity you can understand.
Treat the images and symbols depicted on the 101 cards as keys that will help you unlock the mysteries of life and allow you to understand hitherto unfathomed contexts.
Our cards are suited for experienced card readers and beginners alike. They have the ability to mirror the internal world of the individual and answer their deepest questions, thus creating positive changes not only in your life, but also in the lives of others.

Instruction Manuals and Books
If have some experience with instruction manuals for cards and books about them, you most likely quickly found that each new manual, book, or website describes the meaning of specific cards quite differently. This is understandable. The authors picked meanings that were true for them, but need not be true for you.
Neither books on cards nor instruction manuals can teach you card reading. On the contrary, they will probably confuse you.
The biggest mistake you can make when reading any cards is to hold book with instructions and card meanings in one hand and handle the cards with the other. You will likely also have notes and other pieces of paper and aids on the table to help you remember the meanings of individual cards. Even if you think you know what a card means, you will look at the manual anyway.
Many beginning as well as experienced card readers encounter this problem when they obtain a new deck of fortune-telling cards.
Manuals and books force you to rely on outside sources of information instead of first and foremost relying and trusting your own intuition. No space will remain for you and development of your own card-reading skills.
What’s better? To learn the meanings of others, or to create your own?
Our objective in creating the cards was for them to be as intuitive as possible, which is why we didn’t write any long-winded texts on the meanings of the individual cards.
The only thing that matters is your individual subconscious connection to our cards. In our opinion, understanding the meaning of a card from the story depicted in each of the images and symbols on the card, and from its name, is the only proper way to use our deck of cards.

The Great Mystery of Fortune-telling
Why does nothing stand in your way if you want to succeed at card reading?
Because you have an ancient gift, which we have had since the dawn of time, but have alas stopped using. This is why you do not need to be clairvoyant, a magician, or a witch, you do not need to see into the future, read minds, or have ancestors with this talent.
This great, secret gift is intuition. Intuition is present in each of us from birth, and it is solely up to us whether we listen to it and develop it.

Getting Familiar With the Cards
Pick up the deck of cards and examine the cards one by one. Be open and listen to your intuition and your inner voice.
As you examine the cards, write down your feelings for each individual card. These personal meanings represent your own path, as they resonate with your intuition and subconscious.
You can split the cards up into groups according to characteristics you yourself define.
We recommend keeping a notebook where each card will have its own page, where you will gradually write down your experiences, messages, and understanding. Above all, make sure they are true for you. Gradually establish a connection with each card on the intuitive level.
You will thus learn intuitive card reading very quickly, easily, and successfully. The cards will start to tell you their stories, and readings will be much more lively and accurate.
Start speaking with the cards, open your sixth sense, and the cards will start speaking to you.

Doing a Reading
The cards work like a mirror. They only thing that matters is what you experience and feel when you are looking at the card and listening to your intuition and your subconscious.
There are no binding rules or prohibitions for how you should ask questions.
Shuffle the cards as you would normally do.
It’s up to you what time period you want to ask the cards about.
You can use 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10 or more cards for a reading, as well as the “Celtic Cross”, but always keep in mind that reading 1, 2, or 3 cards is sufficient for a simple or quick answer to questions like what will happen today or tomorrow.



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