Cussers’ Passport


In multinational groups of friends, who hasn’t played the drinking game when everyone says cheers in as many languages as possible? It more often than not degenerated into learning new profanities in foreign tongues while drinking. So is it a bad thing? Profanity is just another facet of vocabulary after all, and expressing yourself is just another part of communicating. Some might argue that learning swear words in another language is not the way to go about expanding your own personal vocabulary, that you even risk offending those whose language you are swearing in. I say can I introduce you to common sense? If you wouldn’t swear in front of your own grandmother, don’t swear in front of someone else’s. This deck is to
Teach you the language it’s up to you to use it appropriately.




Kelly Hill

Cussers’ Passport

By: Kelly Hill

Genre: Humor