Fractal Flow


Welcome to the third installment of the Fractalicious Oracle Deck series.

Take your intuition development to the next level with this Reiki infused, Fractalicious original art, coloring book deck! Fifty-five intuitively channeled Fractal Energy Art images adorn each card that YOU color, radiating unparalleled vibrations and meaning, for beginner and expert practitioners alike. Power words, like fractals, vibrate at high energy levels. Use this powerful deck to raise your personal, energetic soul vibration and re-wire your brain to draw more gratitude and positivity into your world.


Grab your favorite coloring tools colored pencils and gel pens work best. Heavy markers may bleed through to the back of the card.

Find a quiet space to unwind and connect, interruption free.

Each card is titled with a high vibration energy word.

Meditate with the image while feeling the high vibe word resonate inside you.

Colorize the image intuitively.

Jot any keywords, notes, or messages at the bottom of the card in the space provided.

Colorizing tip: The images are meant to be challenging to color. Deeply connecting with each image will create a deck that is uniquely yours. Consider focusing on one or two colors per card, so that the chosen hues mean something to you personally. Focus on coloring the parts of the image that speak loudest, leaving the rest black and white. For a true challenging experience, work on coloring the whole image. Do what works for you. Your intuition will guide you to color the best way, for you. Consider joining the Facebook Group Fractal Awakening to showcase your colorized masterpieces. Fractals are an age-old tool assisting our path to deeper self-understanding, spiritual guidance, intuition growth, and insight.



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