Goddess Freya Rune Cards


She was the most beautiful and best beloved of all the goddesses, and while in Germany she was identified with Frigga, in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland she was considered a separate divinity.

Although goddess of love, Freya was not soft and pleasure-loving only, for the ancient Northern races said that she had very Queen of the martial tastes, and that as Valfreya she often led Valkyrs. She was therefore often represented with corselet and helmet, shield and spear, only the lower part of her body being clad in the usual flowing feminine garb.

As goddess of beauty, Freya was very fond of the toilet, of glittering adornments, and of precious jewels.

Freya was also the proud possessor of a falcon garb, or falcon plumes, which enabled the wearer to flit through the air like a bird.

She also had a chariot of her own, however, in which she generally traveled, which was drawn by cats, her favorite animals, the emblems of caressing fondness and sensuality, or the personifications of fecundity.

The Northern people were wont to invoke her not only for success in love, prosperity, and increase.



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