Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle


This unique set of 90 elemental cards, leads you into a deeper living relationship with Earth, Water, Air, Fire, & Spirit. Each element becomes a powerful ally as you consciously engage, honor, and work with them. As you connect, you will expand your self-awareness and your creation capacity.

Receive elemental guidance by connecting to the wisdom of Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Spirit any time and any place with this insightful deck.

• Increase your inner knowing.
• Access your elemental allies.
• Activate your potential.
• Gain physical, emotional, mental, action, and spiritual clarity.
• Deepen your intuition.

Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit are active teachers of consciousness. You are engaging these primary forces of nature constantly. Earth brings wisdom of the physical world, Water the emotional realm, Air the mental realm, Fire in the action realm, and Spirit in your connection to your soul essence and the flow of the Divine through creation.

They can show you how to work in harmony with Nature and your inner nature. They can help you to align your unique desires into a unified field of awareness, where each of the elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Spirit) line up with one another to bring your desires into being. It is in this alignment that the co-creative energy of Spirit moves through your soul into form: an infusion of Spirit into matter.


Oracle, Vervante


Lisa Michaels

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